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Nightmare Fuel / Sally Face

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The first taste of things to come.

Steve Gabry, the developer, states that Sally Face is "not really" a horror game. Sure it isn't.

Note: All spoilers are unmarked.

Episode 1
  • Flat 403, where the murder took place, has quite a bit of blood both on the floor and on the surrounding furniture.
  • Megan's implied backstory. Being killed by your dad, who then kills your mom and hangs himself in remorse, doesn't sound like fun.
  • The closeup of Mrs. Sanderson's corpse. After getting Charley arrested, Sal walks up to the coroner's van and decides to peek inside the back window. Cue a Scare Chord and a shot of dead Mrs. Sanderson, with her eyes rolled back, her mouth agape, and her head split open, showing a bit of her brain.
Episode 2
  • Sal's opening nightmare. It starts out as a memory of little Sal being on a picnic with his mother. Sal begs to "pet the doggy" and, getting the permission, wanders off into a patch of trees. As the screen goes to black, for a split second something that was watching Sal is seen hiding. Next thing we see is Sal walking down a highway with crumbling buildings and red skies as a background, his face completely covered with dripping blood. He passes by his mother's purse with its contents scattered across the road, some crushed bones, and then climbs into a bloodied ambulance car. Screen goes to black again, and we see now teenage Sal talking to Mrs. Sanderson, a normal conversation that looks off thanks to Dutch Angle. Sal then goes to Mrs. Sanderson's bathroom, where he gets swallowed by the toilet, which suddenly manifested a giant maw full of teeth. Sal falls down the sewers, where he meets a giant horribly emaciated copy of Charley's pony, which begs for water. Sal turns the water back on and returns to the pony, which is now dead due to drowning, its bloated corpse serving as a bridge to the exit. The exit leads back to the bathroom. Sal takes a peek through the slightly opened door and sees a shadow of someone holding a knife, hears a scream, and sees blood splatter across the wall. We then get to see the murder scene as it was in Episode 1, but now with Mrs. Sanderson's corpse in the pool of blood. Sal leaves Mrs. Sanderson's flat, follows a trail of bloody footprints which go from the corridor to the pitch black void, and reaches Charley, who's sitting in his armchair as usual, but now has a zipper along his face. Charley accuses Sal of touching his pony, then his face unzips to reveal a skull with glowing red eyes, and then, finally, Sal wakes up.
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  • If Sal uses Super Gear Boy on Mrs. Rosenberg, the player gets a nice Surprise Creepy moment of a senile old lady flashing between her normal appearance and one of a rotten corpse, accompanied by deep screaming and blinking screen. Rose then ominously tells Sal that he really shouldn't tamper with things he doesn't understand.
  • We get to meet Mrs. Sanderson as a ghost. Her throat is slashed open, and she talks out of the gash.
  • The ghost of Stacy Holmes. Something happened to her that got her body impaled on her bed's boxsprings, her throat is torn open, her face is frozen in horror, and, unlike other ghosts, she doesn't speak at all before disappearing after a few seconds.
Episode 3
  • In the opening nightmare Sal has to outrun a huge slug-like Eldritch Abomination that has dried-out clawed arms and a bloodied television camera for a head.
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  • Using Super Gear Boy on Mrs. Rosenberg will, like in Episode 2, make her flash between her normal form and Body Horror form, and finally flicker out of existence.
  • Everything about Mrs. Packerton is one heaping pile of Nightmare Fuel. Upon discovering occult items in her desk, Sal and Larry decide to break into her flat. There, they don't find anything unusual...until Larry picks the lock on the refrigerator, which turns out to contain a severed goat's head and is covered in occult symbols on the inside. Then they manage to unlock the first bedroom, where they find Mrs. Packerton's husband, thought to be long dead, kept in a vegetative state. Super Gear Boy makes the half-formed ghost of Mr. Packerton appear, who begs for a Mercy Kill, which the boys deliver. After getting a brief scare from Ashley, Larry finds the keys to the second bedroom...which turns out to be a full-blown Torture Cellar: various tools like saws and shears adorning the walls, lots of missing persons posters and a meat processing machine in the end of the room. The trio unlocks a bloodied fridge and gets the final confirmation: the bologna from school cafeteria is made from human meat, which the fridge is chock-full of. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, it's thanks to Mrs. Packerton that the gang discovers the cult operating underneath Addison Apartments.
  • The last chamber of the cultist church has a lot of bones.
Episode 4
  • The fate of woman from the tapes. Starting out as a lost victim, she undergoes Demonic Possession, becomes appearing less human and more deranged, and in the last tape, called "/ / /", she simply growls at the camera, making the TV screen crack.
  • The Adult Fear variety of Nightmare Fuel: imagine hanging out with your best friend/brother, reminiscing about old times, talking about life, then parting your ways, expecting him to move in with you that evening, only to get a couple of text messages in which he says that he's sorry and that his time has come. You call him immediately, but he doesn't pick up. You rush to his place, but it's already too late.
  • Post-ritual Addison Apartments makes for an example of Eldritch Location, especially its ghost world counterpart. Everything is dark, crumbling and covered in black goo, the distorted versions of usual soundtracks play in the background, pieces of magical barriers are sticking out of the floors, some of the flats that were suspicious in real world simply do not exist here, and one of the flats has no door and is pitch black. The tenants are not helping the matter, either - in ghost world, they are, too, covered in black goo, except for glowing white eyes, while in real world they look sickly and talk ominously about giving up, all using the same unsettling speech pattern.
  • You can optionally visit Mrs. Sanderson's flat to discover (with a Scare Chord) Mr. Sanderson, who shot himself in the head.
  • The true form of Mr. Addison. You knock on his door, he answers ominously in a similar vein to other tenants...and then his second sentence changes font from a generic white to all-caps swampy green one. You then enter his room and see Mr. Addison standing among heaps of black-goo-covered teacups, himself covered head to toe in some sort of green slime. When Sal calls out to him, Mr. Addison slides off screen with a squelchy sound. Following him reveals his much, much bigger Cthulhu-like body, which tells Sal (talking through a huge toothy mouth on its side) that its called The Endless One and that Mr. Addison has been dead for a long time.
  • The last task that Sal has to perform to stop the cult's influence: killing everyone who's been touched by taint... that is, everyone in the building. Your friends, your friends' families, your own family? Everyone has to go. And they do- bloodily, messily, they do. By your own hands. And, as it turns out, it doesn't stop the cult - since while you were busy destroying the magical barriers, the cult snatched Todd and used him as a host for the Red-Eyed Demon/
    • Sal's reaction during the massacre - or, to be specific, the lack of one. When Mr. Addison explains what has to be done, Sal is pleading for some other way, but as soon as Sal takes the knife, he utters no words, no sounds, no flinching, no shaking, nothing.


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