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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Due to the bestiary simply using the in-game sprites for the enemies, the Whisperman and Whisperlady will be invisible in their bestiary entries unless you drink a Phial of Undersight.
  • Sometimes when you parry a Split Swordsman, you will get behind them and riposte them in their weak spot.
  • A lot of the Artificial Stupidity scenarios that the enemies can pull off can be hilarious to watch.
    • Luring The False Jester outside his arena and seeing him jump to his death, an already easy boss made into a joke by their own mistake.
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    • On a similar note, any lesser mook with a pouncing attack such as the Retchfeeders, can be lured near cliffs to make them jump to their deaths by rolling underneath them when they pounce.
    • Enemies can be damaged by the various environmental traps such as mounted crossbows, rolling boulders, falling logs, or electrical conductors. In an area of The Watching Woods, one Drowned Soldier spawns right next to a spiked trap. If you haven't accidentally activated that one yet, you can easily lure that enemy just by walking a few steps.
    • As long as you haven't drawn aggro to it yet, an enemy near the entrance of the Queen of Smile's lair (via the Village) will walk towards a trap switch, and be one-hit killed with a log.
    • If an enemy survives after being hit by environmental traps, it will try to attack randomly near that trap as a form of retaliation. The Die, Chair! Die! trope seems to be in effect within their programming.
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  • The Journey Bottle messages (that appear when you are connected to the Internet) can be outright hilarious if not helpful. Expected, as these are written by the players themselves, who can troll others or leave behind jokes. And much like how the game takes inspiration from Dark Souls, it is common to find message bottles referencing memes from the Souls Series.
    Praise The Salt!
    Amazing Chest Ahead!note .
    Amazing Enemy Ahead!note .
  • Likewise, another online-only feature is that the game can be littered with hanging corpses or tombstones which represent the other players who have died near enemy spawn points or by environmental deaths respectively. If you try to smash a tombstone, you will see the ghost of the other player's character relieving their recent death, such as jumping off a cliff.
  • The Iron Pot weapon. You can beat medieval undead creatures with a simple frying pan! And to top it all, if you are able to invest a lot into Strength and fully-upgrade the weapon, it can come off as a Game-Breaker thanks to its fast attack speed. This is also the main gimmick of the Iron Pot Only challenge, which, is actually doable.
    • Not to mention that throwing potatoes actually damage enemies. And both the Iron Pot and the Potatoes serve as the starting equipment when you play as the Chef class.

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