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Baxter's Back!

  • Raven's still got her knack for wisecracks.
    Raven: (after Levi seemingly demonstrates Offscreen Teleportation) SON OF A CHELSEA!!!! We're gonna have to put a bell on you, kid...
  • In a Mood Whiplash-way, while Raven and Chelsea are enjoying themselves and helping their combined three kids get ready for school, Chelsea mentions that she's happy their respective marriages failed.
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  • In kind of a dark way, but while Booker and Tess are talking about ways to try and convince Nia that Booker has psychic abilities, Tess suggests that Booker should contact his and Nia's dead grandmother and have her ghost contact Nia to convince her that he's psychic. Booker points out that wouldn't work for two reasons: 1.) He doesn't know how to contact the dead, and 2.) Both of his and Nia's grandmothers are still alive. Tess replies, "Bummer," while Booker looks at her with a weirded out look on his face.

Big Trouble in Little Apartment

  • The entire scene of Raven and Booker spying on Nia and Devon while they're at the bistro is a Crowning Moment of Funny:
    • First, Raven goes to the bistro alone so she can find Nia. She hides behind a coffee cart, but then Booker pokes his head out of it and surprises her.
    • Raven swipes some macarons and tells Booker to "put them in his purse".
    • Because they're standing next to the cart, an employee mistakes Raven for a barista and hands her an order.
    • Booker takes his "new job" a little too seriously when they're trying to be stealthy.
    (Booker turns on the coffee grinder)
    Raven: Would you keep it down?
    Booker: It's not my fault, we grind the order!

The Baxters Get Bounced

  • Mr. Jablonski and Chelsea scaring each other in the bathroom.

The Bearer of Dad News

  • Chelsea trolling the family twice when they're trying to surprise Devon with a farewell party, by making them surprise her instead.
    • Devon trolls them too! He sneaks up behind them instead of coming through the front door like they're expecting.
  • As a going-away present, Booker gives his dad a coupon for free pizza. The only problem is that Devon is moving to Texas and the coupon is for a Chicago-based chain.

You're Gonna Get It

  • The episode opens with Nia and Tess giving themselves makeovers, and we get this exchange:
    Nia: We are slaying this makeup tutorial.
    Tess: Dude, I look like my older sister!
    Nia: You don't have an older sister.
    Tess: But if I did, this is what she'd look like!

Vending The Rules

  • Booker and Levi dress in suits for a "presentation" for a pair of virtual reality goggles they want. They insist that they can pay for them from all the money their mothers owe them for chores. Raven and Chelsea immediately burst out in hysterical laughter at the idea they owe the kids money.
    Raven: We carried them for nine months, what did we get for that, Chles?
    Chelsea: For womb rental? Nada!
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  • When Booker says the goggles cost "just $600," Raven states that "'just' stops at $19.99."
  • Raven urges Chelsea to get in touch with her anger by smashing up her wedding china. Chelsea is just getting into this when she says each plate costs a few hundred dollars and Raven realizes she can sell these off for thousands and stops her.
    Chelsea: This was your idea!
    Raven: And it was a baaaaad idea!
  • Chelsea playing the bad cop role, she actually wasn't bad at it, instead she plays it so well even Raven needs to tell her to chill.
    Chelsea: I will get my clippers and I won't stop shaving until every one of you is bald!
    Nia: No, not my hair! That's the only way people tell me apart from Booker!

Fears of a Clown

  • Raven's freak-outs at the mere sight of a clown.
    • She sees one in a hallway and rushes into the apartment, blockading the door and making plans to move.
    Raven: Chels! Clown! (Raven drags a table in front of the door) Hall! I almost pee'd! (Raven is trying to drag a chair to barricade the door.)
    • Chelsea tries to "help" Raven by showing a blow-up clown. Raven responds by attacking it, even a piledriver and smashing it to pieces. She then declares she'll hang it on the door as "a warning to other clowns" as Chelsea just stares in horror.
  • After Raven has a vision featuring a clown getting her, Chelsea suggests that Raven might have misinterpreted the vision.
    Raven: When have I ever misint-t-terp- D-Don’t answer that.
    • Before that, Raven hiding in the closet with her bat...and her ankle bat...and her secret bat. All of which Chelsea confiscate in the hopes that Raven will calm down. She missed the double-secret bat.
  • Raven emerges as a clown; Chelsea's face goes from a smile to a look of abject horror in less than a second.
    Chelsea: Oh...
    Levi: My...
    Booker and Nia: Mom?!
    Raven proceeds to perform an entire vaudeville number as a clown, entirely in mime form.
  • When it's done, the woman accepts Raven's apology and she lets out a long breath as "that's the longest I've gone without talking in my life."

The Falcon And The Raven

  • Raven and Booker admitting they're both psychic being played out as someone coming out about their sexuality. What really sold it was the subtle Take That! to people who think their sexuality makes them special.
    Neighbor: Can't you see I don't care?//
    Nia: He thinks he's a superhero

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