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Raven's Home and the original series both take place at earlier than they're aired
This just makes the most sense (at least to me). Throw in some Anachronism Stew if you want it to make more sense (or not).

I would imagine Raven's Home taking place about fifteen to twenty after the events of That's So Raven—Raven and Devon got married not long after they got done with college, and I'm guessing they either waited a few years before deciding to have children or they ended up having Booker and Nia not that long after they got married.


Given how trends in technology & clothing can move relatively fast, I'd guess the original series ended in what would be 2000 - 2002 and the sequel series taking place in the current time (2017).

For Chelsea, I would imagine her meeting her ex-husband, Garrett, not long after getting done with college—they got married and had Levi about two years after the twins were born.

There will be a Very Special Episode...
About Levi getting bullied because his Dad is in jail.

Tess is the daughter of Alana Rivera from the original series.
Nothing is known about Tess' mother except for the fact that she's a bit weird at times. Plus, the two of them have somewhat similar accents and it would make total sense for her to be living across the hall from Raven and Chelsea. She also shares similar traits to Alana.

The season 1 finale will welcome the return of Uncle Cory and the grandparents, Victor and Tanya.
It is said that some nostalgic characters may return later in the season and this troper wouldn't be surprised if at least Cory makes an appearance.

Eddie Thomas will appear but portrayed by a different actor.
Considering what Orlando Brown has been doing recently, the odds of him joining the cast are slim to none (Even Orlando himself has admitted that his actions have closed some doors). Because of this, the only way Eddie Thomas will ever make an appearance is if he is recasted.

There will be a Big Bad in Season 5
If a Season 5 starts in production, there will be a villain who will be planning on exposing Raven Baxter’s secret powers to the public, and become her arch-enemy.

Booker will be going to Bayside High School
Given that he is confirmed to be moving in San Francisco with his mother, Raven, he will likely be going to the same high school his mother had attended in That’s So Raven.

Booker will be having an Arch-Enemy
Given that he is still going to keep his Psychic powers, from his new friends, It is likely he will be having an arch-enemy to might become suspicious of his powers, in an attempt to expose them.

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