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  • At the end of the pilot episode, Raven assures Nia that she loves both her and her brother, Booker, equally—despite the fact that she sometimes pays more attention to Booker than Nia.
  • After seeing their relationship in the original series, it is kind of sad to see that Raven and Devon's romantic relationship ultimately didn't work out—however, it's also nice to see that, even though they're divorced, Raven and Devon still seem to be pretty good friends and Devon's obviously still very much involved in the lives of their kids. Devon even seems to be on pretty good terms with Chelsea and her son, Levi (especially since it's implied in the first episode that Devon's the one who normally gives the kids a ride to school).
  • In "The Baxter's Get Bounced" They're about to be evicted for having two families in the same apartment. But then the landlord's mother, Myrna, steps in and tells her son, Phillip, not to evict them.
    Phill: They're two families!
    Marna: I only see one.
    • Earlier in the episode the twins have a yard sale and, later, give the money to their mother to help out.
    Raven: You guys did not have to do this. I told you Chels and I were going to take care of it.
    Nia: I know, but we wanted to help.
    • Also in that episode, Myrna reveals that she can understand what Raven and Chelsea are going through with their, because she herself ended up having to raise Phil as a single parent—Myrna admits that she wishes she had a friend to help her like Raven and Chelsea do with each other. In the end, the three mothers end up bonding over photos of their kids.
  • Booker helping Tess feel better after her crush explains to her that he doesn't feel the same way about her as she does about him. Afterwards, Tess recants her previous request for Booker to keep his visions out of her life.
  • When Chelsea is shouting so loudly at Nia, Booker and Levi that they're almost pressed into the sofa, Booker holds Levi protectively.
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  • In "Fears of a Clown," Raven is driven to terror at a clown in the apartment. It turns out to be the mom of a teen who is making friends with the kids. When she shows up in full clown gear from a party, Raven screams at her to get out. This gets her angry reactions from all the kids for driving away a friend. So Raven makes it up by inviting everyone over and doing a bit in a clown outfit to ask for an apology, which the other mom accepts.
  • Booker and Levi buying tickets to Chelsea and Raven's favorite band to show they appreciate them
  • A mild one, but in Vest In Show, Booker and Raven have a really sweet bonding moment where Booker is helping Raven with her designs and he asks her if this designing dogs was what she wanted to do. He didn't mean it as a criticism, he was really wondering if this was her dream career growing up. Raven then tells him that she wants to design clothes for people but she took that job to provide for them. Considering most of their screentime together is usually Raven getting mad at Booker for screwing up, it's really nice to see the two actually spend real quality time together.
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  • The fact that Raven and Chelsea are happy, being single moms sharing an apartment and raising their kids together. A household doesn't have to be the standard Nuclear Family to be whole and full of love. Even the landlord's mother sums it all up, saying she sees one family.
  • Chelsea kept Raven's secret, that she is psychic, for more than a decade without a single slip-up. Now that is friendship—she could have ratted Raven out and become super rich again, but she doesn't. This is also doubles as awesome, especially since in the original series (particularly in the later episodes), Chelsea could be rather scatterbrained and wasn't always the best at keeping secrets.
  • In Season 2, after so long, Raven and Booker finally learn the other is psychic; Raven is especially excited Booker inherited her gift.

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