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  • How old were Raven and Chelsea when they got married, had kids, and got divorced? The two were 17 in the finale of That's So Raven. If the series takes place in 2017, that's only a 10 year gap. Booker and Nia were 11 in season 1, and Levi was 9. Were they teen moms and had shotgun weddings? Or does the series take place further into the future?
    • My guess is that the series kinda took place in the future, maybe mid to late 2020s. If Raven and Chelsea is 17 in 2007, that places their birth year to around 1989/1990. I assume they got married around 24 in 2014 (I'm sure Raven and Chelsea married their husbands respectively in that same year) and after Levi (my guess he's born in 2017), Booker and Nia (my guess is they're born in 2015) are born, Raven and Chelsea got divorced around maybe 2022/2023 and I assume the rest of the series is set from 2026 to 2030.

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