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  • The airbag gag bar-none, though the subsequent fight between Mac and Kelly creates a bit of Mood Whiplash.
  • The "adults" (Kelly, Mac and Jimmy) doing several impressions of varying quality on a radio show. Ike Barentholtz's Obama impression is pretty spot-on and for extra ballsy points, ends that bit with "Peace, niggas!"
  • This:
    Mac: What gets a frat kicked out of college fastest?
    Jimmy: *does a pose and says enthusiastically* Rape!
    • Mac and Kelly's reactions to this are hilarious. As well as Jimmy saying "I'm so sorry."
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  • The dildo-molding scene.
  • Teddy and Pete's brainstorming of variations for "bros before hoes", of wildly varying levels of quality.
  • The Robert De Niro Party scene.
    • Dave Franco's impersonation of Meet the Parents DeNiro ("You're upsetting Jinxie Cat!") and that all the bros attribute "HOO-AH!" to him.
  • Mac and Teddy's dueling Batmans.
  • Each time Mac and Kelly have sex on-screen, something goes hilariously wrong. The opening scene has them trying to have impromptu sex on the table, except that Stella is happily watching them, even when turned around. The second has them going at it pretty well but ignorant of the frat watching from outside the window until they're well into coitus. The third is when both are sloppily drunk and try to have rough sex in the kitchen; when Mac asks Kelly to hit him, she grabs a nearby spatula and starts painfully whacking him with it.
  • Stella eating a condom.
    • The scene at the hospital proceeding it.
    Doctor: Your baby, has HIV. (Kelly gasps) how bad this could've gone. The condom was unused.
  • Pete is dismayed at Mac and Kelly's temporary breakup, commenting to Teddy that, as a child of divorce, he sympathizes. Teddy says, in the most empathetic voice imaginable, "Well... my parents love each other. And I think this is hilarious."
  • During the fight between Mac and Teddy, Mac wields a small trampoline as a shield when Teddy throws an unopened can of beer at him. It flies right back and nails him in the head.


Neighbors 2

  • When the buyers see Stella playing with Kelly's dildo:
    Mr. Baiers: We have one like that at home, except it's black.
    (everyone laughs)
    Kelly: Hahaha, black cock!
  • When Teddy confronts Kappu Nu what's wrong with frat parties, it takes all of two seconds to bring him to a massive Heel Realization. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome:
    Shelby: They're, like, super sexist. Every party is, like, themed "ho."
    Teddy: I mean... *thinks about it for literally less than a second* ...Oh, geez....Oh, no. Oh, God!
  • After Jimmy and Nora both drink the punch spiked with drugs:
    Jimmy: We've been Cosbyed!
  • Teddy ruins his distraction at the tailgate by whipping it out
    Mac: Oh no, he showed dick!
  • When Officer Watkins and Garf arrest all the pot dealers Kappa Nu reported, Watkins manhandles the first two groups even though they're not resisting. When they arrest a group of black pot dealers, Watkins is extremely polite and even offers to get food on the way to the police station, much to Garf's confusion.

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