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Funny / My Harem Heaven is Yandere Hell

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  • Upon learning about Kayako, Shizuka asks Yuuya: "How many childhood friends do you have!?"
  • Kanna and Haruka spying on Sayuri and Yuuya's 'date'. Kanna smugly explains that she's placed a tracking device on Yuuya and flips on her GPS...which shows that the distance between them is lessening.
  • In response to the other girls whining about their body types, Sayuri falsely commiserates: her hourglass figure means she can eat all the desserts she likes and stay thin. She thinks she might have an eating disorder. Haruka's expression just screams 'Can I kill her?'
    • Then they settle the debate by dragging Yuuya into it. He tells the player outright that there is no safe answer, which is quickly shown to be true.
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  • In her attempts to prevent the Land God from gaining more power, Kayano ends up brawling with someone in a mascot costume.
  • The harem abruptly interrupting Yuuya while he monologues in his house. Apparently they know where he keeps his spare key.
  • Yuuya and Sayuri creep closer to the shrine, trying not to think of their past trauma, keeping an eye out for any dogs...and then a cat meows. You can imagine their response.
  • Yuuya's narration is priceless.
  • The Reveal that Kudou is actually Sayuri's accomplice and plays along with her delusions is simultaneously horrifying and hilarious. For reference, Kudou is a middle-aged man. And he's talking with absolute seriousness about demons and magic.
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  • Apropos of nothing, Kanna walks up to Yuuya and introduces herself.
    Yuuya: What's this about?
    Kanna: I haven't done anything in a while, so I thought I'd just remind everyone that I exist.
  • Yuuya falls asleep in Sayuri's lap, certain that she'll wake him when lunchtime ends. The screen fades to black for several seconds, then this conversation happens:
    Yuuya: Sayuri-san, there's something I'd like to ask you.
    Sayuri: Yes? What might that be?
    Yuuya: It's not a big deal or anything... I was just wondering...
    (The screen pans out to reveal that it's sunset)
    • And Sayuri's response? "Who knows?"
  • Shizuka is accosted by Yuuya as they walk to school and asks how he has such precise knowledge of her schedule. Yuuya answers, completely casually:
  • Yuuya casually planning to bike his fridge to the school festival.
  • Honor Student Kanna. Especially the part where Haruka shrieks in fear and must be stopped from performing an exorcism.
  • Shizuka's Double Take when Yuuya tricks her into admitting that she lied earlier. Bonus points in that it comes immediately after a conversation where she calls him an idiot.
  • Kayoko startles Yuuya, making him jump behind the offering box.
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  • Sayuri gushes about horror films for over an hour, until Yuuya finally gets up the courage to interrupt her. And they all feel nauseaus afterwards.
  • Their classmates placing bets on whether Yuuya will manage to catch Haruka, who's running feverishly around the room. Kanna joins in, but they realize she had insider knowledge (of Haruka being ill at the time) and confiscate her winnings.
  • Sayuri's attempt to convince Yuuya that- despite her earlier Freudian Slip to the contrary- she doesn't want to have oral sex with him. It ends with her straddling him on the floor, licking up the cream he's splattered with.
  • Yuuya offers Kanna a reward for her work: she can ask any one thing of him, and he'll do it.
    Kanna: Put a baby in m-
    Yuuya: No.
  • Kanna and Shizuka's red tape battle.
  • The Trio bathe together after fighting, and promptly get into another fight.
  • The Club is waiting for Sayuri, who has kidnapped and tortured Yuuya, to arrive so they can confront her. What does Kanna do? Take out a book and read.
  • Yuuya's response when Haruka asks him why Kayako didn't give money directly to their leader.
    "Would you trust our Prez with money?"

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