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Recap / My Harem Heaven is Yandere Hell

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8: Sayuri berates Kanna and Haruka, who leave. Sayuri and Yuuya search for fabric, but Yuuya's shirt gets torn and Sayuri demands he take it off so she can mend it. Later, the trio get into an argument about body shapes and drag Yuuya into it.


12: Yuuya narrates how he first met Haruka and Kanna. In the present day, the Club decide that Izaemon should train in a nearby park.

13: Yuuya flashbacks to the day he befriended Haruka and learned about her abusive father. He then has a conversation with Kanna and Sayuri, which reveals that they have broken into his house before.

-15: Haruka gets sick on the day of the debut performance.

18: Yuuya asks Shizuka for advice about the festival.

22: The trio sleep over at Yuuya's house, and he monologues about the time they were attacked by a dog. The trio converse about what his friendship means to them.

23: The Club are interviewed on local TV about Izaemon; Yuuya walks to the Land God's shrine and monologues on the dog attack's aftermath.

24: Yuuya meets Kayoko. The day after that, the Club rehearse for the cafe.


31: Post-festival, Yuuya and Sayuri chat in the clubroom.

33: Kayako asks for the Club's assistance in making Izaemon the town's mascot.

35: Yuuya persuades the trio to help City Hall.

40: Kayako questions Yuuya about his relationship with the girls; it's foreshadowed that Yuuya's house is being watched.

42: An unnamed character narrates about the Land God. Kanna interrupts Yuuya's study sessions with Shizuka. Kayako guilts Yuuya into going on a date with her.

43: Kayako kisses Yuuya; unbeknowst to him, the event is photographed by someone.

44: Yuuya flashbacks to his first date, when the other club members threatened to kill the girl he was with. Someone emails the local newspaper a photograph of his kiss with Kayako. Yuuya narrates how he befriended Kayako years ago.

45: Yuuya is surprised but relieved when the Trio show no knowledge of the kiss.


46: The trio are late to their award ceremony, so Yuuya unsuccessfully goes out to search for them. Upon returning, he finds Izaemon standing with a knife over Kayako's bloodstained corpse. Yuuya faints.

    Sayuri's Route 

52: Yuuya yanks Shizuka away just in time, and nearby students start panicking. Sayuri tells Yuuya to calm down, that she's here to save him. She rants for some time and Yuuya asks Shizuka to let him deal with her. The bell rings and Yuuya makes plans to meet with Sayuri at lunch. They do, and he accepts an offer of food from her. He quickly falls asleep.

53: Haruka and Kanna discover Sayuri's betrayal, resulting in an argument that wakes Yuuya up. He reassures them that he hasn't chosen anyone and subtly accuses Sayuri of drugging the food she offered him. Sayuri ignores his anger and leaves. Yuuya warns Haruka and Kanna about her strange behaviour and they agree to help. He talks with Shizuka about Kayako's murder. Next morning, he finds Sayuri and Kanna at his house. Sayuri performs an odd ritual, ostensibly to ward off demons, and refuses to listen to anyone's disapproval. Then Kudou shows up and orders Sayuri to leave the property, which she does.

55: Yuuya goes to class and talks with Haruka. He then meets Sayuri in the clubroom, who monologues about her delusions for some time. Yuuya begs her to go back to normal but is unsuccessful. She enthusiastically admits to having blinded Shizuka and declares her intention to kill Haruka and Kanna. Yuuya runs out of the room, deciding to stay home for several days.

58: Yuuya wakes up in an unfamiliar house with his hands and feet tied. Sayuri enters the room and explains that she kidnapped him, apparently to protect him.

59: Yuuya exposits on the days he spent captive and the worsening of Sayuri's insanity.

60: Sayuri presents Yuuya with tinfoil, which her delusions paint as holy armor. She asks Yuuya again if he 'remembers' being the Prince of Light, and he replies no. Sayuri's paranoia worsens and she torturously exorcizes Yuuya. After nearly dying of thirst, Yuuya takes out a phone he has hidden on him and calls Kudou. Kudou says he will help.

61: Kudou finds Yuuya and Sayuri sees them talking. Kudou reveals he is Sayuri's accomplice and tries to convince Yuuya that they aren't his enemies. He says that Sayuri murdered Kayako and admits that he tried to frame Yuuya for her crimes.

Epilogue: After several years, Sayuri finishes her jail sentence and meets Yuuya outside of the prison. They talk about the other characters and what Sayuri's life will be like now. Yuuya reassures Sayuri that their friends will help her. Sayuri says that she's free now that her criminal record precludes any Arranged Marriage her parents might force on her. She and Yuuya go to Kudou's grave to pay their respects.

    Bad Endings 

Common Route

Indecisive: If no branch is selected, the festival cafe will fail and the Club will be disbanded. Its members drift away from each other, leaving Yuuya safe but lonely.

Sayuri's Branch

In The Armor: If Yuuya doesn't run from the clubroom, his consequent attempt to coax Sayuri out of her insanity will fail and she will kill him.

I'm Not A Demon: If Yuuya concludes that Sayuri is bluffing when she holds the scissors to Shizuka's neck, Sayuri will fatally stab Shizuka.

Promises Above All Else:If Yuuya goes along with Sayuri's lie about him choosing her, Haruka and Kanna will murder him for breaking his promise (see number 22).

After-School Bloodbath: If Yuuya decides not to follow Sayuri, she will go on to murder Shizuka, Kanna, and Haruka. At the end of the school day, Yuuya discovers Sayuri gloating amidst their corpses and his mind shatters.

Look At Me: If Yuuya takes a walk before bed, he will come home and see Izaemon ransacking his house. He tails Izaemon until it enters Sayuri's house, prompting Yuuya to call Detective Kudou for help. Kudou arrives, and soon afterwards Izaemon walks off to the Hope's Promise schoolgrounds. Kudou asks if Sayuri's sanity is still salveagable and Yuuya says no. Kudou goes ahead to confront Izaemon, and after half an hour passes, Izaemon emerges alone from the building. Yuuya impulsively calls out to it, but Izaemon turns and walks back into the school. Yuuya follows Izaemon inside, where it and another person- Sayuri- ambush him. Sayuri concludes that Yuuya has been possessed by a demon and disembowels him in an attempt at exorcism.

Let's Meet Again: If Yuuya decides to play along with Sayuri's delusions, Sayuri will deduce that he's lying and murder him.

A Demon Did It: If Yuuya expresses the opinion that Sayuri's sanity is irrevocably lost, Kudou will murder him and claim he committed suicide. Kudou and Sayuri leave to search for the Prince of Light's newest incarnation, Kudou monologuing about his determination to save his "sister".

Wavering Faith: If Yuuya chooses to call the police rather than regroup at the Academy, he will dither about making the call as he walks through town. He notices that no people are around and realizes that Sayuri-Izaemon is right behind him. She kills him.


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