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Heartwarming / My Harem Heaven is Yandere Hell

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  • The flashback in which the Club take Kanna to the doctor's when she gets sick. Made extra adorable by all of them being children at the time.
  • During the dog attack, Haruka can be seen shielding everyone else with her own body.
  • Sayuri's grandfather saving Yuuya from being beaten up and listening when the boy tells him about Sayuri's abuse.

    Common Route 
  • After an argument with Yuuya, Sayuri and Kanna (in their own ways) reassure Haruka that they will reconcile eventually and he hasn't stopped loving them.
  • Sayuri saying defiantly that she's proud of her scars from the dog attack, whatever "others" think, is sweet enough in context but her route reveals that the "others" she's talking about are her parents who punished Sayuri's because the scars made her less valuable as a wife.
  • Kanna completing most of her previously-ignored schoolwork within just a few days, so she can act the 'honor student' and get the teachers to stop harassing her club.
  • Yuuya finally overcoming his trauma enough to visit the shrine again. He's glad he did, because now he can remember all the good memories he had there as well.
  • Shizuka agreeing to advise Yuuya on festival policy, despite his awful reputation. When she says she cares about all the students, she means it.
  • Yuuya muses on how different Sayuri's world is from his own, and in response Sayuri hugs him.
    Sayuri: I'm right here. See? Our worlds are one.
  • Kayako realizing that Yuuya is an old friend of hers.

    Sayuri's Route 
  • Shizuka notices Yuuya hovering outside the student council's door (wondering if it's alright for him to seek comfort after Kayako's murder) and gently tells him to come inside.
  • Yuuya returns to freedom after weeks of being kidnapped and tortured by one of his best friends and realizes what he couldn't before: that no one really thinks he murdered Kayako, that he doesn't have to be afraid of Sayuri anymore, and that people appreciate and would miss him if he were gone.
  • Everyone in the Club deciding to rescue Sayuri, even risking their own lives to do so.
    • Especially Yuuya telling the others that they don't have to, because he would confront Sayuri alone if he had to. Not because he expects recompense, as her parents would; not because he idealizes her, like Kudou did, but because he loves Sayuri, and he won't just meekly accept that she's irredeemable. He's come a long way from the boy she forced to beg for water.
  • The entirety of the final confrontation, but especially:
    • Kanna asking Sayuri if her love is so fragile that she needs fate to justify it.
    • Yuuya barely even notices the pain from his wound because he's so relieved that he was able to shield his friends from it.
    • Haruka reassuring Sayuri that everyone feels jealous sometimes, and that it doesn't mean her insecurities are true.
    • Sayuri admitting to herself that she cares for everyone in the club, not just Yuuya.
    "I was so alone... You guys were the only light in my life."
    • Kudou posthumously getting justice for Kayako and clearing Yuuya's name.
  • Kanna and Haruka don't hang out with Yuuya as much while Sayuri is in prison, because it would be unfair to her.
  • Yuuya's ending (excepting the post-credits scene) narration. Just like earlier in the route, he's been separated from the Club for a long time...but now there's one crucial difference.
    "I, I know- that we are still best friends."
  • In the Time Skip pre-epilogue, Shizuka visited Sayuri while she was incarcerated.

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