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Spoilers Off applies to all Funny Moments pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Anytime Lysander has a ditz moment. His notebook was one thing. But his pen and paper (in school no less!) and everything afterwards calls for some funny comments. Episode 17 in particular...
    Lysander: I'm lost.
  • When Alexy teases Kentin about his fear of Castiel and later on, his fashion sense.
  • In episode 11 whoever you are partnered with will make a big deal out of you holding the map. They take the map since they think your candy will lose it. Guess what happens once you need the map? Your candy is not amused but you certainly will be.
    • Also if you partner with Castiel and meet up with Iris to ask about Amber:
    Iris: Your list says Amber? That's kinda weird...
    Castiel: What are you smoking Iris?
  • In episode 14 while practicing for the concert, Nathaniel's drumstick 'accidentally' flies out of his hand and just so happened to hit Castiel in the back of the head.
    • In that same episode, Armin thinks playing Guitar Hero drums is an good enough for a live concert. Castiel's and Lysander's comments really make the moment
  • In episode 17 Rosalya goes through your closet and LOUDLY comments on your underwear not being sexy enough...while Kentin, Nathaniel, and Armin are standing right there.
    • This exchange (rough translation):
    Kentin (talking to Nathaniel): Your uniform look was popular in my parent's time. You come to school wearing a shirt and tie!
    Nathaniel: I love my outfit it's not old-fashioned! And you're the one wearing military trousers from the 40s!
    Kentin: It's better than your ugly tie!
    Candy (thinking): Damn. And here I thought only girls argued about that stuff.
  • Episode 18 brought more to the table:
    • The girls giving Castiel a death glare when he says he doesn't care what happens to the rabbits. It was super effective.
    • The girls are dead-set on saving the rabbits and they ask the boys to help. Since it was very obviously more of a demand to help, all of the boys say yes. You then get a group shot of the boys agreeing to help and out of all of them only Lysander and Alexy are happy. The rest are using their mad animations.
    • Your date with Castiel. Mr. Farzie walks in just in time to see Castiel holding your shirt prompting Castiel to say it's Not What It Looks Like.
    • Kentin's reaction to kissing a rabbit.
    • When first attempting to save the rabbits with Armin and Nathaniel, one of the rabbits gets a little too comfortable in your candy's arms. Armin proceeds to make a joke and if your LO'M with Nathaniel is high enough he will defend your honor. Violently.
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    • Rosalya takes you out to buy some clothes and no matter what you choose, even if you choose to IMPRESS him, Kentin will never notice what you wearing. His cheeky smile when he admits he wasn't paying attention also prompts a funny reaction from Candy.
    Candy: Just tell me I'm pretty!
  • In episode 19:
    • Candy tells Lucy and she would be surprised how much Kentin had changed.
    Lucy: It would take quite a bit for me to be surprised. Like 8 inches taller, six pack abs, no more horrible glasses and a haircut!
    Candy (thinking): That is exactly what happened!
    • After Candy spends $250 on a single pair of sunglasses along other things, Lucy comments how £250 for a pair of sunglasses costs the same as her shoes and this is Candy's response:
  • Episode 21:
    • Nathaniel's measurements, according to Rosalya, would be perfect if he was a girl.
    • The argument between Nathaniel's and Castiel's parents (in a sort of Black Comedy kind of way knowing how much Nathaniel and Castiel hate each other). But the stand out moment is when grades are brought up.
    • And speaking of, Castiel and Nathaniel really went at it in this episode. Their fighting was kinda of funny when it wasn't disturbing.
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    • Lysander's parents mistaking Nathaniel for Castiel despite his maaaaaany claims to the contrary. His frustration shouldn't be so funny but it is.
    • Armin is playing as Maleficient if you choose the Sleeping Beauty play. Candy?
    Candy: You really think they'll change Maleficient's gender for you?
    Armin: THEY'D BETTER.
    • When Castiel teases Nathaniel for getting his measurements taken after him, Rosalya immediately attacks his ego by saying that Leigh is bigger than him
    Castiel: You're in love...You're not objective.
    • One of the things you can tell Castiel, if he plays the Big Bad Wolf, is 'what a beautiful dress you have'.
  • Small one in episode 23. If you choose to talk to Armin and bring him to Nathanial's house, he'll lie and say that Nathaniel borrowed one of his game consoles. When he tries to get it back...
    Armin(as you both are getting kicked out): And what about my game?
    Nathaniel's mom: To the devil with your stupidities!
    • The best part is he gets so into character that he still acts offended when she leaves.
  • Episode 25 brings more gold to the room:
    • The students all get paired up for the science class. When Nathaniel finds out he's with Li he face palms. When Kentin finds out he's with Castiel, he looks terrified.
    • Amber and Armin are paired together and cause a little incident. Afterwards, in typical Amber fashion, she blames Armin for the fiasco.
    Armin(upset): Are you serious?
  • Candy's snark! In episode 27 you have this conversation with Rosalya:
    Candy: We can be like Cyrano de Bergerac?
    Rosalya: Bless you.
    Candy: You have to be kidding me. The name should at least ring a bell.
    • And later on during the conversation:
    Rosalya: I'm not scared of hiding under [chosen boy]'s balcony.
  • Episode 33: During a game of drunk Truth-or-Dare, Nath is told to take off one article of clothing:
    Castiel: Don't panic huh, you just have to take off one shoe.
    Nathaniel: What makes you think I am panicking? (he takes a shot... and then takes off his shirt.)
    • The fact that this is directly after Melody makes a very emotional love confession (for a dare, towards Castiel, but clearly based on her deep, long-held feelings for Nathaniel) makes it even funnier.

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