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  • When Rath and the others were fighting Chontra in "Good Bye Mr. Cheops". Ja-Kal and Rath are airborn until Chontra knocks them out of the sky. Armon manages to catch Ja-Kal before he hits earth... Rath, not so much.
    • Poor Mr. Huxley's escapades beyond the Western Gate.
  • At the end of "Dog Bites Mummy". A young aspiring reporter, who's been bothering Presley all episode is told the absolute truth by Presley about everything. He even shows her the boomerang that the mummies gave him. She gets excited and takes a look at it... only to find "Made in Taiwan" (inscribed by Rath of course) written on it.
  • Episode 24, "Married to the Geb", starts with Rath having fixed Presley's mom's vacuum cleaner. As expected of Rath's inventions, it promptly goes haywire and tries to eat Kahti. Nefer-Tina is not pleased:
    Nefer-Tina: Why are you vacuuming the cat?! They can clean themselves!
    Presley: It wasn't my idea!
    • This is promptly followed up with Presley, Armon and Nefer-Tina trying to rescue Kahti from the vacuum. Ja-Kal rushes in.
    Ja-Kal: What's all this noise- ...Why are you vacuuming the cat?
    Presley, Armon & Nefer-Tina: IT WASN'T OUR IDEA!
    (Ja-Kal directs a Death Glare at Rath, who tries to look innocent.)
    • It gets even funnier when Ja-Kal demands Rath turn the vacuum off. Turns out he forgot to add a stop button.
    Rath: An excellent idea! I shall invent that next!
  • In episode 37 we find out just how much Scarab hates catch phrases.
    Armon: Let's kick- (Scarab crushes the ground beneath the mummies)
    Scarab: I've always hated that phrase.
    • Even though it's a lame Catchphrase, that's still kinda harsh.
  • The episode "Kid Scarab", the best parts are when 'Kid Scarab' is around Armon, who thinks he's a real kid. Or Presley who thought he was a "weird little kid..."
  • By far the best episode in the program so far was "A Dark and Shrieky Night". After a daily fight against Scarab, the mummies seem to be in trouble; their transportation is on the other side of the bay. They'll have to walk home. They've journeyed into the park, and encountered a hot dog cart. Due to Armon's stomach, the encounter was inevitable. Though they got free hot dogs!
    • It was best seeing the mummies enter the nightclub and pick up random instruments and string together music. If that scene wasn't an homage to Adventures in Babysitting, I don't know what is.
    • It was funny seeing the cop, who was depressed that he hasn't encountered any alien life forms yet, and it's hilarious how Jackal's conversation with him in the end cured him of his sulking.
    • Not to leave out the Mummies' idea of a "Don't drink and drive" lesson.
  • "Great is the power of George Washington."
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  • Episode 39 gives us this:
    Heka: How can you bring that mummy spirit back without Set and Anubis? They're not here to speak the proper spell!
    Scarab: Oh, Heka, you're so ancient. Welcome to the modern world! (he pulls out a tape recorder)
    (Heka gasps; the tape recorder is playing the spell at fast reverse)
    Heka: Oh. So you're going to bring him back to life using... chipmunks?
    Scarab: I pushed the wrong button. So sue me.
  • In one of the later episodes, an MIB-type manages to get a hold of Rath while thinking he's an alien. During his examination, he makes the discover that Rath doesn't have any internal organs. Rath give the indignant response that he does have organs: they're sitting in a jar next to his bed.

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