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Funny / LISA: The Pointless

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Pointless brings back the black comedy and levity that was largely absent from The Joyful.

  • Just like Painful, some of the item descriptions can be very funny.
    Rusty Trowel: The apocalypse just got lame.
    Grease: If you sweep your hair back, it might pass as intentional.
  • Joel goes to help Alex up from the garbage heap... and then ignores him for the bullet. Alex then falls to the ground, and Joel looks at him, a dumb grin still on his face, before the title cut.
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  • Joel tells Alex about his grandfather who was a marksman who killed on every continent. Cue fantasy scenario of the grandfather hunting while shooting animals on a tiny horse. Once he gets to the Arctic he puts a bullet into a leaping killer whale.
    Joel's grandfather: Let's crime it up!
  • Hanging yourself? Absolutely awful. Hanging yourself with a balloon and floating above everyone? What a way to go.
  • Alex is given the task of retrieving a stolen skateboard, which neither he nor the original owner can ride.
  • Joel's moves:
    • Gun Toss sounds like a flashy trick...except he whiffs it and drops the gun, getting everyone's attention and giving him Taunt.
    • His dodging move has him roll out of the way, similar to Alex... except his hat ends up falling off, revealing his Forehead of Doom. The accompanying whistling sound only adds to the hilarity.
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    • Gun Reveal has him utilize Fan Disservice, as he reveals his beer gut to the foe, causing Nastiness, occasional Wariness, and most rare of all, Flustered.
  • Donnie Sand is a rather incompetent Franchiser with mediocre health, so upon getting it below a certain threshold, he begins going on a philosophical tangent about the franchise... only for Ross Hillock, a fellow franchiser wearing a football helmet, to make his entrance by throwing a TV at Sand, killing him and promptly attacking you.
    Ross Hillock: Here comes the meat train!
  • When you meet Chriss Bellucci, you get a dialogue choice, with your options being, "We're leaving," or "I'll eat your flesh." If you choose the latter, Alex says it with a huge, sinister grin, which successfully creeps out Chriss.
  • The dinner scene is a funny and light-hearted reprieve from the chaos engulfing downtown Olathe. Much of this lies in the dialogue between the warlords, who all act very silly while taking themselves seriously. Special mention goes to Fringe Boy, who dresses and acts like a whiny scene kid even though he's a ghoulishly ugly middle-aged man.
    Fringe Boy: Sup' bitches!
    Office Ottoman: Not this fresh hell again.
    Fringe Boy: Stop pretending you're my MOM!
    • John Johnson and his comically long list of nicknames are also pretty funny.
      "Please... I go by Gold Diamond now."
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  • After facing Arnold Shpitz and having jumped off a cliff afterward, Alex and Joel are challenged by a Franchiser named Kein Felton. Felton makes an impossibly cool acrobatic entry from the same clifftop, somersaulting and hovering in midair before sticking the landing and delivering a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner. Then he immediately gets bombed on from above by another Franchiser who becomes embedded in Felton's chest cavity from the impact, anticlimactically and hilariously killing both.
  • As surreal and horrifying as the TV scene is, the man rambling about zucchini is still kind of amusing, especially when an anatomical drawing of a penis pops up on screen.
  • Near the end of the game there is a man dressed as a crow. It acts as a save-point and once done the crow-man will fly into the sky.
  • The fact that out of all things there is, the creator went with jerseys out of all the other things as the resident Artifact of Doom .