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Fridge / LISA: The Pointless

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Entries on this page may have unmarked spoilers as they may assume prior knowledge of the reader, continue at your own risk

Fridge Brilliance

  • When Joel has the "Pissed" status effect, he does an incredible amount of damage if his random hits land. Joel has a significantly higher damage stat than Alex, which is explained as coming from the powerful handgun he possesses. Rather than just being an amusing design oversight, there's a plausible in-story explanation for why Joel hits so hard when he's pissed: he's using the butt of his pistol to bludgeon his enemies to death. Joel is normally a laid-back and cool-headed guy, but when he gets truly angry he puts his showmanship aside and uses the pistol as a cudgel.

Fridge Horror

  • A box of Infinity Jerseys is found in the stop heading to Downtown Olathe. After resting the night, everyone still living heads to Garbage Island and the box is empty. Given how the Infinity Jerseys seem to spread a Hate Plague and are implied to have been brought to Garbage Island, the island's fate doesn't seem to bode well...