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Awesome Music / LISA: The Pointless

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Just like its predecessor, LISA: The Pointless has some awesome tracks, if not even better ones.

  • "Main Theme," a slow, atmospheric track that builds the suspense and foreboding of the horrible, strange, and disturbing events to come in the game.
  • Land is a discordant theme which fits the war-torn, hellish environment of Downtown Olathe very well.
  • "Bracket," an energetic, aggressive bit of battle music.
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  • "Without Warning," another riveting battle song.
  • A re-imagined version of "War Season" from the original game, a pounding, frantic track that reflects the sheer ferocity of the violence consuming Downtown Olathe.
  • "Chromosomes," a strange and uplifting song with some mystical-sounding chanting in the background.
  • Modern Day Ouroboros, Anaconda Virtue's battle theme, is a fittingly energetic and tense battle theme. The versions from the first two battles are great as well.
  • Fat Shame, yet another battle theme, this time for a fight against a gang of Infinitized clowns and their car.
  • The fight with Arnold Shpitz has two great themes. First, a sped-up version of Land that goes well with Arnold pounding your face in. Then, the second phase starts, and with it comes Firebird, a blaring cacophonous mess of a song that complements the 'what the hell am I looking at' feel of the rest of the fight.