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Season One

  • "Two Powers Become One": As the title suggests, two rivals came together on a mission here. But Montahue mentions by the end that they worked together, next time he'll get the prize himself, prompting Lok (and Sophie behind him) to complain he hasn't learned at all... Dante on the other hand, just has this smug little 'I knew it' smile.
  • "Absent Heroes": During a little downtime, Sophie has herself and Lok try to fully complete a tessellation puzzle, with the latter failing horribly while Sophie makes decent progress. She gets distracted by Dante for a bit, then starts to turn back to Lok, only to make a startling discovery:
    Sophie: We can search for your father, right Lok? (just as she's finishing, sees that Lok's completed his puzzle in under twenty seconds) Wha- how did you-!? When did you-!?
    Lok: The reflection of the pieces caught my eye. (looks at the nearby mirror) The pattern was a snap to follow when it's reversed.
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  • "All Work and No Pay": During the beginning of the How We Got Here segment:
    Sophie: (to Lok, offhandedly) Your mother's cooking was so good, I must've gained twenty pounds.
    Cherit: Oh no, Sophie, certainly not more than ten. (starts to sheepish realize what he's said)
    Lok: Geez, Cherit, that's no way to talk to a girl. (sincerely) Sophie, five pounds, max.
    Sophie: (partially face-palming) You guys are hopeless.
  • "Ladies Choice": Once Sophie reveals herself as a Seeker to the Amazons, their opinions quickly turn around, sorta, and ask if Lok and Dante are her servants. Sophie appears to quite enjoy the temporary change of pace as well.
    Lok: Servants? Us? Hey, listen-
    Dante: (covering Lok's mouth) Yes, servants. It's our honor to serve, in any way we can.
    • And the payoff, after things have unraveled and they're in cages:
    Lok: (looking at Sophie, who's hanging from her bound hands) Yikes, that looks uncomfortable...
    Gagged as well, Sophie settles for a Death Glare and a muffled sound
    Lok: (sheepish) Wow, it's a good thing they didn't think we were Seekers.
    Dante: (completely mild) I think that would've been... inconvenient.
  • "The Unseen Guide": Lok is fencing with Cherit, and gets a little carried away, breaking a vase in the process. Sophie, having been trying for days on her difficult spell, has pretty much had it by that point, kicking both of them outside while it's raining... luckily for them, it doesn't last long.
    Cherit: (dully) That went well...
    Lok: Mmh. Guess all these days pounding away at that one power are... starting to get her down.

Season Two

  • "Doorway To Huntik": After class, Sophie lampshades how despite facing secrets of the ancient world, he couldn't stay awake in a lesson if his life depended upon it; Lok says every hero has a weakness. And then:
    Lok: We'll be there in five minutes.
    Dante: But class just ended, don't you need time to wake up?
    Sophie giggles while Lok just frowns
  • "Knight of the Willblade": When solving part of a riddle, the gang creates a bridge of light guiding them onward, but two Organization Suits try and stop them. Well, until Dante says they can go first, which they do... and fall right through said light-bridge, because it was never meant to be solid; just a guide.
  • "Den vs Harrison": To spy on the Silent Soldiers tailing them, Lok uses a power that lets him see out the back of his head. Problem is... it makes him run straight into an overhanging sign, which Sophie and Cherit waste no time in teasing him about.
  • "The Spiral War": Sophie's just achieved leadership of the Casterwills by bonding with Mythras, but is still getting flack about wanting to actually do something.
    Lok: No way! After all that, finding Mithras has gotta be worth something!
    Cherit: You know, for leaders in many cultures, election by ancient magic lion would be quite acceptable.
    Dante: "-sixteen, seventeen-"
    Dante takes down two Bloodspiral soldiers with one move, then takes down two others with another single move.
    Dante: "-eighteen, and nineteen. Raypulse!"
    Dante takes down the final Bloodspiral soldier as he tried to summon a Titan.
    Dante: "Twenty!"
    Dante and Zhalia takes down the Mother Titan, with all twenty Blood Spiral soldiers lying in the background.
  • "Gremlow Infestation": While trying to follow Sophie through a marketplace, Guggenheim gets distracted by a flower cart, which contains what he says is a perfect specimen. He then quickly decides Sophie is fine, and he'll be right back, moving after said cart.
  • "Back Home": When Lok's sister comes home, she sees Cherit flying about and the team using their seeker powers, appropriately freaking her out a little. Dante takes her into the next room, saying he'd explain everything... then he uses Simplemind on her so she'd forget what she saw.
    Lok: Did you just Simplemind my sister?
    Dante gives it a half-second thought, before sitting down and picking up the paper, pretending to be engrossed in it
    • Then a little later, after Scarlet's shown up, Sophie is watching her talk with Dante a little disapprovingly.
    Cathy: (whispering) [Scarlet] isn't gonna get anywhere with Dante; watch. (right on schedule, Dante ignores an advance entirely) See? His mind's on something else, and there's no need to get jealous.
    Sophie: (a little flustered) Jealous? Uh, no, that is... Zhalia [likes him].
    Right on cue, more Titans break free from stone
    Den: (wearily) I need to stop saying things like that.
  • "Words From Eathon": The very beginning of the episode, Dante grimly says they're preparing for the Final Battle, before trailing off... as everyone else is goofing off, doing nothing of the sort, even with his sheepish attempt to spin it as 'in their own ways'. Cherit even continues the silliness a little afterward, when Sophie's presenting herself to the Huntik Council, which she quickly/embarrassingly realizes seconds in, quickly getting out of the picture.

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