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Funny / Haunting Ground

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  • "Oh well, blame society, I guess..."
  • Hewie's Bragging Rights Reward costume, and on a similar note, Fiona's frog outfit.
  • Enter "Saltatio" into the plate key-maker in the crypt, then use it on the golem there.
  • Hewie's comments on Hard Mode are quite hilarious. Fiona's can make you smile too.
    • Especially his last entry:
      Oh, come on. Read the memo after we get out of the spooky castle.
  • It can be pretty amusing to punt the baby homunculi like footballs as they come waddling towards Fiona.
  • Ending C. After Fiona and Hewie leave the castle, you get treated to a cutscene where Lorenzo wheels towards the front door, screaming Fiona's name, and then topples down the stairs with a squawk. He then lies pathetically on the floor, begging Fiona to come back. Take that, you old bastard!
    • Lorenzo in general. There's just something hilarious about a whiny old git scrabbling after you with his useless legs dragging behind. Compared to the previous stalkers, Lorenzo's a comical Anti-Climax Boss. It's very simple to have Fiona and Hewie savagely beat the old man for items.

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