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  • Randomizing the modules used for various songs can provide some hilarious results, most often if one of the guys is placed in a role meant for one of the girls and watching them execute the same dance moves.
    • Due to module unlocks being Random Drops upon successfully clearing chance time in X, there's a high chance for unintentional comedy via modules unlocking during songs that they're hilariously mismatched for.
    • Almost avoided in the Diva Rooms in F 2nd as Len and Kaito have "Affection Up" events different from the girls, but that doesn't stop them practicing a very feminine walk complete with Hartman Hips from time to time during normal room events. In addition, the reactions are gender-based instead of character-based, so if you subscribe to the Fanon of Len being a Butt-Monkey, seeing him act in a cool and composed, manly manner can be a bit odd.
  • Certain Diva Room decorations and gift items-
    • The Paper Fan, used to punish a taiyaki thief.
    • The Silk Hat, wherein the user has a 1-in-7 chance of pulling the desired object (flowers) from the hat. All 6 "failure" scenarios and their reaction are hilarious as they include Hachune Miku, Larval Rin, Tako Luka, and more.
    • The sketchbook, where another character visits to have their portrait drawn, with a 50/50 chance of the portrait being accurate or terrible.
  • The opening of F has Miku packing a box. She holds the flaps down as Luka starts to duct-tape it shut... and ends up duct-taping over Miku's hands. Poor Miku just barely has time for an Oh, Crap! before Luka realizes her mistake and rips the tape off. Oww....
  • The end of Summer Idol, after Miku and Rin decide to be a couple after realizing that if one finds a date the other will be alone.
    Miku: There's no way that's happening, right?
    Rin: Yeah.
  • Rin and Len messing with each other in the video for "Remote Control" by, um, controlling each other with their remotes.
    • At the start of the PV, Rin is holding a Dreamcast in front of her face, and Len is doing the same with a television-style remote. It's a Mythology Gag from the original music video in which they were hiding their faces with their respective controllers... except that the Dreamcast has a screen. Without knowing that context, it looks like Rin is just wrapped up in her game and Len is desperately trying to feign the same.
  • Most of "Rin-chan Now!" qualifies.
  • In every game, the tutorial is Hachune Miku's Rhythm Class to Ievan Polkka of leekspin fame, which is rated without any stars. Kind of a giggle if you know the meme, but not broadly hilarious. Then you clear a Hard stage in F 2nd, and you unlock Hachune Miku's Extreme Rhythm Class, still to Ievan Polkka, rated nine stars out of ten. The blackboard proceeds to re-walk you through the basics, and then hang a lampshade on every aspect of suffering that happens when you get cocky because you've cleared a few stages on Hard Mode. The first fifteen notes are a few laps of the face buttons followed by a few rotations of W arrows, and it only gets harder from there.
    The basics are the same even at tougher difficulties! Hit the buttons to the rhythm.
    Linked Stars can be tricky. Flick in time to the music!
    Oh, man, look at all those stars! Match the tempo and knock them out with some well-timed flicking!
    The target patterns on EXTREME can get pretty mean... You'll need to spend time learning each song's rhythm.
    Directional buttons work the same as the action buttons. Use both!
    Try it out on these targets. Use the left direction button and the [square] button!
    (Chance Time begins)
    From here on in, we're going to get pretty EXTREME. You ready!?
    Use everything I've taught you!
    (Chance Time Star)
    You've made it this far?! Maybe I've taught you too well...
    Keep at it and you'll be ready for EXTREME difficulty in no time!
    (final note count: 535)
  • Several customization options, including Hachune Miku to put on a singer's back, and a large Mikudayo mask could easily turn anything into Narm.
    • Taken Up To Eleven in Project Diva F 2nd's birthday DLC, which is a entire Mikudayo COSTUME for Miku!
    • In X, since accessories correspond to specific auras and raise voltage, it's not uncommon for players to stick on whatever accessories they have that raise voltage the most rather than picking them based on how they look, with predictably goofy results.
  • The Kagerou Days PV, which turns a song rife with hopelessness and Lyrical Dissonance into something pretty goofy.
  • If you watch the PV for Senbonzakura closely, you'll see a quick background event of Luka (dressed as a waitress) tripping and falling flat on her face, tray and all.
  • This can happen in the Diva rooms in F 2nd when a Vocaloid asks to change the furniture or their outfit and changes it to something that completely mismatches what wasn't changed.
  • In the Mirai DX version of "Clover Club," Kaito is a background character acting as a bartender and he spends the entire song shaking the same drink.
    • Apparently he's on a rotating platform too, because if you watch closely, you can see him slowly spinning to parts of the song. …Not that it matters, because he's still focused on shaking that drink.
  • "Amatsu Kitsune" in Mirai DX is like the opposite of Soundtrack Dissonance. While the song itself is quite sad, telling the tale of a fox (played by Rin) who wants to fly so she can rejoin her loved one, the PV mostly shows said fox's attempts at flying and the comical failures that ensue. On the first atempt, it seems that she managed to fly successfully, only for her to start losing stability, flail her arms wildly while making a ">_<" face, and fall into some shrubbery. The second and third attempts seem to be some kind of mini-Training Montage where Rin jumps off a rock and lands face-first, and then tries jumping from a ledge only to get caught on a tree branch, before successfully flying on the third try.
  • The Extreme chart for "Urotander, Underhanded Rangers" lives up to the title. It pulls numerous dirty tricks like stacking targets on top of each other, wildly varying note speeds, and having them fly out in unconventional directions. It's something the rangers themselves would likely have cooked up.

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