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The game takes place in nWOD verse


  • I agree. Then Daniella is definitely a Galateid (beautiful, and later becomes envious towards Fiona because of her Torment. Debilitas seems to be Tammuz, and I don't know to what Lineage Ricardo and Ugo Belli belong to. And those shapeless figures all around the castle? They are probably results of wrong rituals (not Pandorans, but something completely different).

Daniella is so devoted to Lorenzo only because she hopes that he will "complete" her.
  • She did get kidnapped by Lorenzo as a young girl. Coupled with her upbringing in the Belli household, she could be most loyal to him due to Stockholm Syndrome.

If Hewie were in...

  • Rule of Rose - He'd be able to teach Brown to fight! And maybe Hewie would learn to find items at least 4 to 9 rooms away from you!
  • Fatal Frame // Project ZERO - he'd be a tad bit better then the camera at finding those freaking ghosts! ESPECIALLY in the 3rd & 4th games.
  • Silent Hill - He'd be as effective as a shotgun, detecting the monsters ahead of time, and oh yeah... make Heather's life a little less hellish. Also...if he were in the SH games maybe he'd be able to help you hide when you get low on health... oh, and he'd sniff up the nearby health drinks.
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  • The Lost Crown - Hewie would point out ghosts for you at the least by growling a lot.
  • Barrow Hill - Well he'd warn you when the Unseen Evil is nearby or just out of your site. Also he'd help you find items faster.
  • Clock Tower - He'd help you HIDE from Scissor Man and the decoys in some of the games! Oh and he'd annoy you when you got to close to Cat Scare locations!
  • Siren - Early Zombie Alert Bark would be in full affect! Not to mention he can help search for health and ammo.
  • Deadly Premonition - About the same as he would if he helped you in ANY Silent Hill game! But better because he'd well fed, well petted, and well loved.
    • And there'd be a massive fight to death between him and Willy, the dog in that game. Or they'd be a crime-fighting team and would save the day before all the humans work out the mysterious.
  • Heavy Rain - He'd find the killer faster then it'd take you to find it because he'd outright attack him! After all he has Detect Evil Aura on most of the time.
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  • Outlast - First or second game, he'd pretty much be your only line of offense. Even Fiona could at least kick or shove opponents. Maybe he could also sniff out batteries and let you know if anyone's coming. At the very least, he could temporarily scare off some enemies. Getting him food would be a bit of a problem, but there is a kitchen in the second game you could raid.

Daniella is a Nobody.
  • Perhaps not literally, but her whole "I know I'm not complete and that REALLY REALLY SUCKS" vibe smacks a lot of the KH2 Nobodies. Her entire motivation isn't power or immortality — it's just to become a complete human being that can actually feel again. Then there's the fact that she's got just enough lesser emotions to know that she's missing the ones that actually matter... yeah.

Daniella is a Homunculus.
  • Same principle as above, combined with the canon title.

Haunting Ground takes place in the same world as Resident Evil
  • Hewie is the same dog from Resident Evil 4, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to say that in the world of crazy biotechnology that is Resident Evil, Alchemy would be possible and the forerunner to such technology.
    • So does Haunting Ground happen before or after Resident Evil 4, and if before, why did Hewie leave Fiona to get lost in Notspain?
      • Given Capcom's semi-tradition of having their games take place the same year they were released, I'd say RE 4 happened first. It was released in 2004 and Haunting Ground came out in 2005.

Daniella is an early prototype of Lt. Data
  • First, look at her and imagine Data as a woman, she looks just like him. Same facial features, same paleskinned complexion. She also walks like him and they share nearly the exact same laugh (for comparison: Data's laugh and Daniella's). And, like Data, she's self-aware enough to realize she's missing something that separates her from being human.
    • She was a failed attempt (the first of what would be many) until technology finally advanced far enough to successfully create an android capable of emulating human behavior.

Fiona's parents were driving her to the castle to use her azoth
  • It is known that at the start of the game, they were going to Belli castle "to have Fiona inherit it". This is debunked in Endless Zero lyrics, where her mother can be heard talking about wanting her azoth.
    • And Fiona realizes this right after she learns a bit about azoth. She faints many times through the game not for being upset about her parents deaths, but because she realizes the real intention they had towards her.

The game is set in Italy
The character names and heavy usage of Latin strongly suggests that the story is set in some remote part of Italy.

The Belli castle used to be populated with family members and servants
However, Aurelius "Lorenzo" Belli's obsession with finding the "Great Truth" and immortality led to the deaths of of his entire household (barring himself). He harvested what Azoth he could from his victims to use for future experiments as well as restoring his youth. By the events of Haunting Ground, Lorenzo is at death's door because he is suffering from severe Azoth withdrawal.

During the Renaissance, Lorenzo met Alexander of Brennenburg
Lorenzo was even invited into the Prussian baron's castle. Inspired by Alexander's depraved works, Lorenzo proceeded to do his own experiments in order to find a way to become immortal.

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