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  • JP, super high on drugs, talking to a horse. While being hilarious, it also firmly cements his status as a Woobie.
  • Dave's discovery that Josie has cheated on him with Kingsley (and JP). Although the situation is basically everyone's worst nightmare (being targeted by an angry, violent bloke who's had a few beers and proved he's capable of violence), the way it plays out is absolutely hilarious.
    Howard: Dave. He's gone rogue. He's just nutted Brian. He knows.
    Kingsley: What does he know?
    Howard: Everything.
    Vod: He's on his way, Defcon 1! I repeat! DEFCON 1!
    Kingsley: Oh fuck, fuck! Fuck!!
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  • "How would you like me to ram this spoon up your arse, Rumple-shithead?"
  • Kingsley in the burglary episode, upon discovering Josie sharing a bed with him and Heather, has this to say to Heather: "Why is she in our bed?!"
  • One of Howard's messages to Sabine after a series of ones with no reply is: "Sabine, are you currently dead?" He then decides to delete it.
  • JP getting stuck up a cliff and his subsequent argument with Kingsley. And then Howard gets in on the action...
    • Dan, still angry at Kingsley's complaint, then forces Kingsley to run after the minivan with a broken leg.
  • Josie's whole spiel about Pope Kingsley in Series 1, culminating with: "So you can basically just fuck off, Popey!"
  • Episode seven of the third series has JP attempting to murder Kingsley, paranoid that he's stealing Sam from him. One attempt is making Kinsgley a risotto full of shards of glass.
    Kingsley: Is this broken glass?
    JP: Wouldn't have thought so. It's probably just a bit of transparent rice. Or maybe a pearl onion.
    • This leads to the two fighting after Howard's birthday party. On its own, two men having a massive violent fallout would be Tear Jerker territory. It moves into hysterical when one's dressed as Prince (sorry, I mean George Harrison) and the other's dressed as a Hooters waitress, complete with foam boobs, all scored to "Don't Leave Me This Way".
    JP: She is my woman!
    Kingsley: Women aren't possessions!
    Kingsley tries to choke JP with one of his fake breasts
    JP: You can't hurt me with boobs, Kingsley! I thrive on boobs!
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  • The three-way bitch fight between Josie, Heather and Sam, culminating in everyone slapping everyone.
  • Howard attempts to create a new image to win a geology scholarship. The result is described by Vod as "special needs line dancer", and by JP as "trainee paedo".
    Vod: Everyone's got a vibe, Howard. Yours is the whole "NHS-specs-chronic-masturbator-Lord-of-the-Rings-fan" vibe.
  • While the rest of the house goes to JP's country estate, Howard stays behind to call his computer company's customer services. He ends up on hold for 48 hours.
  • JP, Howard and Vod discover Kingsley and Josie having very quiet sex next to Oregon (who's asleep), and debate in the quietest voices possible about what to do next. The funniest part is when they wake Oregon up and she says loudly, "Are you two humping?!"
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  • In season 4, episode 5, Josie attempts to give her roommates tea, only to walk in on all of them masturbating. The prize goes to Oregon, who's seen pleasuring herself with a riding crop, holding a first-place ribbon.
  • In the burglary episode, Oregon directs a question to Vod in Al's bedroom, who looks up, only she has a pair of Al's underpants on her face.
  • A Brick Joke later in the same episode, where Vod decides to lure Al back by flushing a pair of jeans down the toilet, and at the end, Howard answers the door to a different handyman who was called out to remove said jeans.
  • Thanks to a piece of advice from Sabine earlier on, Josie searches for JP's father's urn in a skip and she finds it... only to spill the ashes into the skip by accident. She gets a hilarious look on her face that screams "I hope to God no one saw that!"

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