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Kingsley is actually Simon.
A) They're the same character.B) The timeline fits. In the summer of 2011, The Inbetweeners Movie is released, showing the gang on holiday the summer just before they go to university. Fresh Meat started airing in the autumn of 2011, when Simon would have been going University.C) It's the same actor.D) They are literally the same character.
  • Simon may well have been embarrassed by his past, so chose Kingsley as a name to distance himself from it. He never keeps in touch with old friends, and who can blame him, when you have friends like Jay, Neil and Will.
    • As of Series 3 we haven't been introduced to his parents or relatives, so the makers are probably keeping this trope up deliberately. Kingsley's on and off relationship with Josie mimics his one with Carly except that Josie has a far more similar personality.
    • In Series 1 he tells Josie that he never got the chance to lose his virginity because of his mum. In The Inbetweeners, Simon's parent's insist on him keeping the door of his room open when he has girls over.
    • I think you could be on to something here. In episode S03E02 of The Inbetweeners, Simon appears to be wearing Kingsley's hat
  • A few of problems with this theory. Firstly, Kingsley says he's been taking care of his sick mom for five years, but in The Inbetweeners Simon's mom is fine. Secondly, in The Inbetweeners Movie it's heavily implied Simon has had sex with Carly, since they've been in a relationship for months. And by the end of the movie he's together with Lucy. But in Fresh Meat Kingsley confesses, to his embarrassment, that he's still a virgin. Why would he lie about something like that? Thirdly, in the movie Simon says he's gonna study sociology, but Kingsley is majoring in geology. Finally, the teachers at the university also call Kingsley "Kingsley". Unless Simon was so ashamed of his past that he legally changed his name (even though he was going to a uni in a completely different area, where no one would know who he is), wouldn't the teachers know his real name and use that?

Kingsley has a twin brother raised in North America, played by Michael Cera.
Needless to say, they have the same mannerisms and personality.

Howard is Gary's Twin
Its the same actor and both characters are roughly the same age. However Gary's flamboyant personality resulted in his brother being much more of an awkward human being and being bad with people, having to constantly live in his brother's shadow.

Fresh Meat is a distant finale to Peep Show.
Jez changes his name to Dan for some part of a zany scheme and becomes a university lecturer.

JP lost his virginity to Josie
He was too embarrassed to say, so he lied and said he had previously lost his virginity to a prostitute. Because he is a twit. This would explain why it's a bit awkward the first time they sleep together, and why JP is revealed to be holding something of a candle for her in the last episode of series 3.

In twenty years' time, Ralph will be a Tory Prime Minister, and JP will be Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Each mentions becoming the above, and most politicians start planning when they are at university. (I'm not suggesting this is a good thing!)

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