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Tear Jerker / Fresh Meat

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  • When JP starts outpouring his fears for his father's health and desperately asking for a hug from Oregon's horse whilst on LSD.
  • He misses the chance to say this to his actual father. By the time they get to his house, his father has already died, and he runs to hug his devastated mother.
  • Vod's mom ripping into her in front of her housemates. She calls her Milly, short for the 'millstone around her neck', and says there isn't a day she wishes she wasn't aborted.
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  • Oregon breaking down after finding out she's been rejected from Fulbright.
  • The final scene of the show, where Josie wanders around the empty house for the last time, knowing that the group will never live together again and that she'll be alone for her final year as everyone else moves on to the next stage of their lives — and she's almost in tears when she leaves. It's a poignant close to an otherwise comic show, and resonates with anyone reminiscing on or missing the days of living and learning together with friends, and the inevitable end after it's all they've known for years.


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