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Headscratchers / Fresh Meat

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  • In the second series finale, Sabine says she's going back to Rotterdam because the main characters are such horrible people. Since she is doing her PhD in Manchester, why would she go back to Netherlands just because she doesn't like her housemates? Couldn't she just find a new room or flat in Manchester? In series 3 we find out she has indeed returned to Manchester and is working for the university, but it's never explained what she did in Rotterdam.
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  • Neither Professor Jean Shales nor Professor Tony Shales knows that Oregon's real name is Melissa, and they always call her "Oregon". This even becomes a plot point, when Jean doesn't realize the "Melissa" her son is dating is actually Oregon. Since she's been on both of their classes, and Jean actually employs her, shouldn't they know her real name from the student registry?


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