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  • In episode 9, after Harriet came back from the dry cleaner's with the ruined dress and Emma convinces her it's not her fault:
    Harriet: We'll take those cleaners to the cleaners!
  • In episode 17, Emma on Alex's Thanksgiving spent rock climbing:
    Emma: You go Mr Knightley! Audit those stones!
  • Emma completely missing the increasingly obvious signs that Elton is into her rather than Harriet.
  • Emma refusing to accept that Harriet is getting a cold, followed by her Oh, Crap! face when Harriet sneezes again on her way out in episode 22.
  • In episode 23:
    Emma: CURSE THE SMALL CHILD THAT SNEEZED ON (Harriet)! (in true Lizzie Bennet fashion to boot!)
    • The awkwardness that ensues during the picture taking
    • Alex Knightley also earns his keep with two show-stealing Aside Glances.
  • In episode 28, Emma stealing Izzy's car keys, followed by her purse, to get Izzy to stay long enough to hear her out. Then the two of them slapping at each other like five-year-olds.
  • In episode 29, Harriet gives an update on her quest for a hobby:
    "I went to a dinner group about swings, but it wasn't what I thought it was."
  • In episode 34:
    • Harriet interrupting Emma's session with Maddy Bates as instructed - with a very unexpected reason:
    Harriet: Sorry to interrupt, but you have a very important phone call from the Queen of England.
    • Maddy's astonishment and excitement over Emma supposedly having the Queen calling her is priceless.
    • The pair of cuts during Maddy gushing about Jane Fairfax, including Emma trying to choke herself with her own hair.
  • In episode 36:
    • Emma trying to push Alex out of frame.
    • Harriet's brain breaks a little upon seeing Martin:
    "I have to back you call, Emma."
    • By the time we get back to Emma and Alex, Alex is having to haul her off the floor to keep her from running down the hall and kicking Martin out.
  • In episode 38
    • Alex on a Nobel prize winner cancelling on them because he found the oldest whale ever reported off the coast of Finland:
    How old was the whale?
    • Emma and Alex talking about how nothing is fixed up for the party
    Alex: I hate to be the voice of reason, but the benefit is days away. You don't have a cause, you don't have a guest of honor, and you don't have a venue. You need to cancel.
    Emma: (deepening voice) And I hate to be the voice of the rewind button. (normal voice) But that's what you always say. Something goes a little wrong, cancel the party. I get behind, cancel the party. The sun comes up, cancel the party. You are the textbook definition of a party pooper and this time, I am not gonna listen to you.
  • In episode 40
    • Maddy breaking up the squabble between Emma and Alex:
    Maddy: Children, children! What's all the fuss about?
  • In episode 44, when Alex points out how Emma is Not So Different from Caroline, she tries to push his chair but can't, so instead she randomly types on his keyboard.
    Alex: Kettle, have you met my friend Pot?
  • In episode 52, Emma referencing The Dark Knight, minutes after she called Alex a nerd for quoting Uncle Ben's big line.
  • In episode 56, Emma freaking out after Frank apparently makes a move on her.
    "HOLY OPRAH, what just happened?"
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  • Harriet constantly pronouncing Boxx as "box-ex."
  • Episode 60:
    • Jane shutting down Emma's attempt at Jive Turkey slang. "Please. No."
    • Jane's reaction to Frank revealing he knows who owns Boxx.
    • Frank going after Harriet in very Large Ham fashion.
  • In episode 62, Alex says the baby shower games are "kind of childish." One second later, he's drinking milk out of a bottle.
  • Episode 65:
    • Harriet slowly backing away from her desk, silently daring her phone to ring again and stop her from taking a break.
    • Emma wearing pajamas to the office, pigging out on ice cream, and listening to emo music that she turns back on when Harriet tries to get rid of it.
    • Emma's reaction to using up tissues while crying and saying that she probably killed a rainforest.
    Emma: The TREES! (bawls her eyes out)
  • In episode 73, Emma wants to get a picture of Harriet and Martin before they go on their first date. Martin puts his arm around Harriet's shoulder, Emma rearranges them so that his arms are both around her waist and her back is against his chest. Classic prom pose.
  • For Swedish speakers Emma wondering how Frank Churchill knows about "Pitt in Boxx" is hilarious, since pitt is Swedish slang for male genetalia.

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