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Alex's middle name is George.
If George can't be his first name, then why not his middle name?
  • Alternatively, Alex's middle name is Alex. He just goes by it because he doesn't like his first name, George.

James's campaign manager who left him for his opponent will return.
...As Augusta Elton.

Alternatively, Augusta Elton will be...

Emma really doesn't have much experience in matchmaking.
It's mentioned on Emma's website (particularly
here) that Emma has helped others in ways other than matchmaking. Emma may have always thought herself good with setting people up and dating advice, but she may not have seriously considered becoming a professional at it until recently and only just added matchmaking to her list of services. It's even possible that Annie and Ryan may have been the first couple she actually set up within her business. This could also explain why Alex is so adament that she was "lucky" with Annie and Ryan: Emma may not have worked with any other couples.
  • ...Jossed as of Episode 25?
    • Emma spent quite a bit of time talking about how her perfect record is no more, so we can safely assume that the 19 couples before the Westons worked out.

Who else will get a Race Lift?
  • Mr Woodhouse and Isabella: Since Emma's actress, Joanna Sotomura, is half-Japanese, her father and sister could be played by actors of East Asian descent.
    • Izzy does get a Race Lift - her actress, Mapuana Makia, is Hawaiian. (Coincidentally, Joanna Sotomura was also born in Hawaii.) So Mr Woodhouse's actor could be of East Asian descent, Hawaiian, or any other race which resembles East Asian or Hawaiian.
  • James Elton's former campaign manager (if she appears): Since they didn't cast a black/Hispanic actor for James, maybe this campaign manager will be the black/Hispanic character in politics.
  • Augusta Elton: An Italian-American who doesn't have a good grasp of Italian, since in the original novel she kept using Italian phrases without knowing what they actually mean.
    • Jossed, given that James Elton's fiancee is Caroline Lee. (It still counts as a Race Lift though.) However, she mentions that she and James share a love of Italian culture, so she does use some Italian phrases when affectionately mentioning him.
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  • Jane Fairfax: Since her aunt is played by a black actress, she is likely to be black too.

Izzy is pretending she has a problem to give Emma something to do post-Elton
This is from a Youtube comment by Gwendolyn Horton

Jane Fairfax will be a London matchmaker/life coach more successful than Emma
Book Jane was presented as the accomplished person Emma could be if she had put more effort into drawing/reading/music/other feminine accomplishments of Regency England. So EA Jane will probably have a higher success rate than Emma and doesn't make any Elton-like boo-boos.

EA's equivalent of the Ford's Haberdashery shopping trip will be...
  • a trip to a chic clothing shop in the vicinity of Emma's office, with Harriet asking for alterations to her purchases.
  • Harriet placing an order at an online shop and hesitating over what to write in the special note for the retailer. (The part about sending orders to an address rather than buying it on the spot translates very well in this age of online shopping.)
    • Jossed. The Ford's in this universe is a dry-cleaner's who is a client of Maddy Bates.

Darcy, and possibly other Austen love interests, was part of Alex and Emma's "business school days."

Emma will plan the Lizzie/Darcy wedding.

Woodhouse is a direct English translation of the Japanese surname 木屋
  • It just so happens that there is an actual Japanese surname that is a direct translation of the name Woodhouse from the Jane Austen novel.
  • Not sure how common this form of Westernisation would be in Mr Woodhouse's line of work in America, but if he is able to pass for a Caucasian like Emma, he might have been advised to use a Western name (complete with surname) professionally.
  • Emma is working for her father in a sense, so she used the surname Woodhouse professionally to ride on his reputation at the start of her career, then kept it after she became well-known under the Woodhouse name.
  • Izzy's maiden name is simply given as Woodhouse on camera for the viewers' benefit.
  • Emma and Isabella are obviously the Western names the two sisters were given at birth, since Isabella is referred to as Izzy by Alex in a phone conversation he did not realise was being recorded, and by Emma. This won't happen if Emma and Isabella/Izzy were just informal Western nicknames the sisters were using.

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