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  • Fridge Brilliance: The reason Emma is so sure Elton/Harriet will work, despite their different social positions? The last match she made - between Ryan (CEO) and Annie (Baker) - was the classic Uptown Boy match. So she doesn't see how setting a Senator and Personal Assistant will be a problem. Of course the fact that Ryan is a much nicer, more down-to-earth guy than Elton, and Annie is a lot more self-confident than Harriet but they still almost split up because of Annie's nervousness should have tipped off Emma to the difficulties involved...
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  • Ho Yay: Here's a Tumblr post shipping Alex and Frank.
  • Misaimed Fandom:
    • Despite the fact that Emma's actions during the Boxx storyline were deplorable, there are fans who are instead angry at Jane and Maddie for the debacle. Jane is blamed for being introverted and acting "unprofessionally" when she quit after the party. And Maddie is blamed for being "opportunistic" just for the mere fact that she was kept out of the loop about how undesirable her jams were (and after being approved by Emma herself to put them in gift baskets).
    • Going a step further is Alex and the "badly done, Emma" sequence. He's getting a lot of hate from fans for simply yelling at Emma and walking away from her while she was crying instead of comforting her, in spite of everything she had done.
  • Tearjerker:
    • Episode 24. Emma and James Elton fight and he fires her and tells her she's a terrible matchmaker. When Alex comes in, she's desperately trying to hide her tears before she tells Alex she failed.
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    • In episode 64, Emma is left openly weeping after both Jane and Alex tell her off and quit, and she ends up begging Harriet not to leave her. Harriet promptly turns off the camera.

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