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  • In episode 17, Emma said that Izzy was starting a family of her own and wasn't free to join her and her dad for Thanksgiving dinner. But in episode 27, Emma mentioned that Izzy has three kids: Henry (whom she gave birth to in her last year of architecture school), little John, and little Emma. Izzy and John announced their marriage at the same time they announced that Izzy was pregnant. So what did Emma mean by "starting a family" in episode 17?
    • Maybe by 'starting a family' she just meant having young kids, and Izzy and John wanted to just be with that 'new' family at Christmas?
  • Where did Alex put the flowers in Episode 70? He must have been hiding them outside his office when Emma was around somehow...
  • Does Caroline understand how the internet work? There are thousand of people who witnessed her get a guy fired for no reason. The chef could sue for wrongful termination. Or does she have enough clout that it can't touch her or Elton? Still, she has shown how her and Elton are horrible people who do not have others' interests at heart. That's not a good thing for a politician.

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