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  • Knightley's Armor-Piercing Question to Emma after learning she was behind Harriet turning Martin down: "If you never settle, doesn't that mean you'll always be alone?"
  • Izzy getting the courage to stand up to her husband.
  • Who shows up in Episode 41 but Caroline Lee.
  • In Episode 46, Harriet choosing to stand up for herself in the face of Caroline's dismissal and even getting Caroline to concede that her ideas on music for the party are actually good.
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  • Emma finally getting to give Caroline a piece of her mind after their business is over.
  • Alex's Precision F-Strike after Emma's nastiness at the Boxx launch.
  • Harriet running the office single-handed in the wake of the Boxx incident, and finally declaring she's going to make Emma her client to get her back on her feet.
  • Harriet shows just how much of a spine she's grown by sarcastically challenging Emma's thinly veiled statement that Alex couldn't be interested in a girl like her.
  • Emma's perfectly acted realization that she's in love with Alex.
  • Unlike the original book, Harriet figures out Emma and Alex are together completely on her own.

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