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Funny / Diagnosis: Murder

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  • At the end of "Malibu Fire", in keeping with the Running Gag of Mark being mistaken for Peter Graves (and Amanda for Whitney Houston), Jesse is mistaken by that same reporter for Michael J. Fox. Rather than deny it, Jesse instead launches into a hilarious on-the-spot impression.
  • The killer is a con artist who'd been posing as a doctor. He and his female accomplice are about to escape in a private plane when Mark and the cops bust them. Mark tells the woman she should be thanking him as her partner "is no more a licensed pilot than he is a licensed doctor" and she realizes the guy barely knew how to fly.
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  • The entirety of Randy Wolfe's character in "A Mime is a Terrible Thing to Waste." The woman is just this crazy blend of Genki Girl, Granola Girl, and Badass Adorable, as well as being a Jack-of-All-Trades.


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