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  • To celebrate the start of spring, Dharma undresses and does a Nude Nature Dance on the roof, with a news helicopter overhead. Cut to Greg watching the news downstairs...
    Greg: Dharmaaaaa! [runs outside]
    Reporter: [over the TV] My God, I love this job!
  • In the pilot, after having sex for the first time, Greg takes a shower while Dharma lies in bed. Greg's mobile phone, in his pants pocket, rings. Dharma reaches over and answers the phone.
    Dharma: "Greg's pants. He's not in them right now. Can I take a message?" *beat* "This is his wife, who's this?" *beat* "Oh, hello, Gregory's mother."
    • (Also pretty awesome, as it's a joke that probably couldn't have been used even a few years earlier.)
  • In "The Story Of K", when Edward starts becoming exhausted with Kitty's newfound vigor in the bedroom, Pete suggests using a cheap wristwatch - the kind that triggers an allergic reaction making the skin green.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke in the end of the episode, when Dharma and Greg get a late night phone call from Kitty, prompting this response from Greg:
    Greg: "Okay, it's... It's not permanently green, mother."
    Dharma: What's green?

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