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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season One 
  • Dexter's narration introducing himself while he's out on the boat and talking about his parents being dead, then swearing that he didn't kill them.
  • Doakes' first appearance and Establishing Character Moment where he tells Dexter he gives him the creep and as Dexter apologises for that, Doakes says "Fuck you!" and Dexter awkwardly replies "Uh, ok."
  • When the team examined the block of ice from the Ice Truck Killer, we got this hilarious exchange:
    Debra: Watching ice melt, this is fun.
    Masuka: Stand a little closer, Morgan, and I'll melt your heart.
    Batista: I think he's got a crush on you, Dex!
    Dexter: Huh?
    Masuka: Yo, I was talking to Morgan the sister. Vince Masuka only swings one way.
    Debra: Yeah, from vine to vine...
    Lt. Laguerta: Enough! Glad to see the sexual harassment seminar really paid off!
  • In Episode 3, Dexter is stalking a boy who committed murder in the past and he believes will kill again. The boy has convinced a friend to hunt alligators, and it looks like that was a ruse to lure him there and kill him. Dexter interupts this and then wonders what he's doing there (saving someone's life). At this point, the actual alligator lunges at Dexter causing him to fall in the mud. He then bangs his head on a tree.
  • Miami PD has discovered one of Dexter's victims courtesy of the Ice Truck Killer. Dex tries to convince Masuka that the injection site where he loaded up the victim with tranquilizers was a bug bite, but Masuka isn't buying it. He discovers tranquilizers, and a list of names of people who have access to it. Dex's (internal) response?
    Dexter: That's it. No more donuts for Masuka.
  • Rita saying "I can't help it. I kill things", and Dexter giving her a sympathetic look.
  • Dexter postponing the torture of a couple to quiz them on how to form a loving relationship.
  • A romantic date with Rita watching Terms of Endearment. We see Rita crying buckets as she watches, then looks at Dexter's completely unemotional face. He's wondering if he can make his eyes water by not blinking. He decides to break the silence by attempting oral sex on her.
  • Dexter has to remove his pseudonym from a list of people who purchased M99. The pseudonym in question was Dr. Patrick Bateman, which Dexter chose because he deemed it "so wholesome, so inconspicuous". YYYYYYyyeeeeeeaaaaahhh ...
  • Paul, Rita's abusive ex-husband, is attempting to legally remove Rita's custody of her children. Alone in the kitchen, Paul snidely threatens Dexter and Rita. We never get to hear him finish his threat, because Dexter promptly clocks him over the head with a frying pan. The real kicker to the scene is Dexter staring down at the body, cringing with the realization of what he just did. Of course, he finds a solution...
    • What makes it funny is that he doesn't cringe in a "What have I done?" kind of way, but rather in an "Oops!" kind of way.
    • In episode 7, he tries to psyche out Dexter by throwing a punch at him and stopping inches from his head, Dexter doesn't even flinch, Rita and Dexter talking about it after it is priceless.
      Rita: Did he threaten you?
      Dexter: No, he was just marking his territory.
      Rita: Fucking bastard!
      Dexter: Only you can make those words sound cute.
  • Episode 8 opens with Dexter and Angel looking for images in the blood stains on the wall.
    Angel: Why is it always crustaceans with you?
    Dexter: I like seafood.
  • Dexter's admission to his temporary psychiatrist that he's a serial killer, followed by the nearly orgasmic noise and face he makes as the relief of finally saying that out loud washes over him, always draws a laugh. It really shouldn't.
    Dexter: ...I'm a serial killer. [pause, then lets out a deep sigh] Oh God. That feels so amazing to say out loud [...] I'm not joking; I kill people. Whoo. There it is again.
  • Episode 9, Dexter and Rita end up going to Dexter's recently deceased biological dad's house and Rudy and Debra show up to help. Dexter's thoughts on the matter the next morning is priceless.
    Dexter: When did a man dying become a couple's weekend?
  • Two words:
    Doakes: Surprise, motherfucker.
    • Also from Doakes when Dexter matches him pound for pound in a fight: "Lab geek, my ass!"
  • Dexter imagines himself a parade after killing the Ice Truck Killer.
  • Doakes and Deb having dinner at Doakes family's house, and how Doakes has to sit there and be polite while everyone else teases him and makes him uncomfortable.
  • The Ice Truck Killer wrapping body parts and singing "Deck the Halls." They're very festive.
  • In the season finale, when Doakes and LaGuerta stop by Dexter's apartment. He's torn the place apart, looking for some clue from the Ice Truck Killer. LaGuerta asks Dexter what happened. "I, uh...couldn't find the remote." Michael C. Hall's delivery is a perfect deadpan.

    Season Two 
  • Dexter's conversation with Roger Hicks before killing him.
    Dexter: Why can't I do that?
    Hicks: Do what?
    Dexter: Lie like that? And I thought I was good, but you...[Gives an Italian "Bellissimo" gesture]
    Hicks: I don't lie!
    Dexter: ...OK, that one was weak.
  • Doakes: "You owe me a new Michelin, you motherfucker!" -Season 2 Ep. 3
  • Near the end of Season 2, when Doakes corners Dexter with one of his fresh kills, Dexter's deadpan response is the blackest of black humour:
    Doakes: Jesus Christ, Morgan. Jesus fucking Christ, you're the Bay Harbour Butcher.
    Dexter: [completely deadpan] I really hate that name.
  • When Rita confronts Dexter about attacking Paul, the mood is very tense and it seems as if Rita is about to find out that Dexter is a killer. She then does a complete 180* on our expectations and concludes that Dexter is a heroin addict.
  • But the best is and will always be the montage of Dexter admitting he's the Butcher to Deb.
  • Dexter has a period where he behaves almost sane. The narration stops for about an episode and a half. At one point, things take a turn for the worse, and the narration begins again, with this gem:
    Dexter: "I need to delete that file, make up with Rita, and while I'm at it, I may as well end world hunger, too, since this can't get much more difficult. And the voices are back! Great.
  • When Dexter and Deb are roommates and getting on each other's nerves. Dexter's voiceover: "I will not kill my sister, I will not kill my sister, I will not kill my sister....." From anyone else, meh. From him, hilarious.
  • Dexter keeping calm while having dinner with Rita's mother by pretending she's an alien.
    Dexter: [thoughts] I've always been good with parents. The key is to simply think of them as aliens from a distant universe.
    [Dexter sees Gail's old fashioned clothing]
    Dexter: [thoughts] You have fibres and threads unknown to us. Your ancient customs intrigue me.
    Gail: So, Dexter. Tell me everything there is to know about you.
    Dexter: [thoughts] You have made me your sworn enemy, evil woman.
  • A stressed-out Masuka complains to Dexter that the Bay Harbor Butcher is "butchering my social life!" He then leaves the room. Dexter's response? A soft "Sorry."
  • Debra is angry the whole episode because Lundy is constantly calling on Dexter for forensics help and she ends up telling Lundy that she's pissed about it and he explains that it's really because he can't stand Masuka and he's going to punch him if he hears one more titty joke.
  • After Deb walks into the apartment and finds a naked Lila raiding the fridge:
    Deb: Who the fuck are you?
    Lila: Hi, I'm Lila. *looks down, remembers she's topless* Pardon my tits.
  • Deb: Are you trying to fuck her or set her on fire?
  • Deb: She's like a Gross, English... Titty... Vampire!
  • Pascal just screwed up talking to the media.
    Angel: You know, Pascal is just caught in a cycle of reaction. She's not co-creating her own reality.
    Dexter: You know those words don't actually mean anything, right?
  • Cody has a nightmare about the Bay Harbor Butcher, Rita's response to it when she's talking to Dexter sells it.
    Rita: [talking about the "Bay Harbor Butcher"] It makes me so angry that there's some monster out there scaring my son.
    Dexter: [uncomfortable] I gotta go to work.
    Rita: You know, I hope they catch him today. And I'm not a violent person, but I hope they'll hurt him. Have a good day. kisses Dexter goodbye]
    Dexter: [voiceover] Make up your mind.
  • The Dark, Miami's too hot for all that leather.
  • Dexter at rehab for the first time.
    Dexter: No self control, lost everything, trying to stop; same whiny story over and over for …
    [Dexter checks his watch.]
    Dexter: Ten minutes? Feels like ten hours.
    Addict: I'd kill for a Vicodin.
    Dexter: [thoughts] Lightweight.
  • Deb's big shit-eating grin and wave at Lila when she tells her that Dexter lied about working late.
  • Roger Hicks sees Dexter checking out a minivan, and gives him the usual "family-friendly, kids love it" pitch. Dexter is about to walk away since all he needs is Hicks's DNA, until Hicks mentions the stow-away seats, giving the car a huge trunk with tinted windows. Cut to Dexter driving into Miami Metro with the minivan.
  • After Lila frames Batista for rape and they need her fingerprints, Angel brings his microwave to the station. Matsuka asks if they don't have anything smaller and Batista explains that she microwaved some popcorn. Matsuka's deadpan response: "Next time, make her a cup of tea."
  • Masuka's assessment of Lundy after he brings in Feds to investigate if the Bay Harbor Butcher is a member of the Miama Police Department.
    Masuka: That's just the way Hitler walked.

    Season Three 
  • LaGuerta reveals to Dexter that she believes Miguel Prado killed Ellen Wolf, which of course Dexter is well aware of.]] Dexter's [[Consummate Liar dramatic display of shock was stunning!
  • Dexter's pathetically short invite list for his wedding.
    Rita: "Donut guy"?
    Dexter: ...I see him every day.
  • Dexter is talking to Rita after she lost her job and she's talking about how she has next to no savings or health insurance and Dexter offers to get married and Rita's response is to vomit due to her morning sickness. Seen here.
  • Dexter telling Debra that Rita's pregnant.
    Dexter: Rita's pregnant.
    Debra: Say again.
    Dexter: Rita's pregnant.
    Debra: You're lying!
    Dexter: I'm not lying.
    Debra: A baby? A motherfucking roly-poly, chubby cheeked shit-machine? Are you kidding me?
    Dexter: Well, I've never heard it described in quite those words before, but yeah.
  • In Episode 6, Dexter monologues that he prefers to kill alone "...present company excluded, of course."
    • That could be referring to the victims though.
  • During a meeting with Ellen Wolf:
    Dexter: "Do I see sheets of plastic in your future?"
  • Dexter in yoga class with Rita is hilarious. "This is absolutely, without a doubt, the worst moment of my life."
  • Dexter is on his way to kill a paedophile. Rita calls and asks him to get milk. Dexter kills the paedophile in his home. While dragging the body across the kitchen, he pauses, opens the fridge. Takes the milk and goes back to dragging the body.
  • Dexter throwing a tantrum after finding out Miguel Prado had been using him. He completely wrecks his office and screams his supposed friend name in the most hammy way imaginable... only for Miguel to come out from the door, on which the screen shows all of that was just on his mind and Dexter didnt do anything.
  • After Dexter tells Masuka that he's testing a grey hair he found, Masuka claims that he's done the same thing:
    Dexter: You're bald.
    Masuka: *points to his crotch*
    Dexter: ...Oh.
  • Sergeant Batista hates talking to an answering machine, especially when he needs to work late and cancel his date:
    Batista: "This is, uh, Sergeant Angel Batista. Angel to you. How are you? Good I hope. So, uh, I have to cancel our dinner tonight. And I am deeply, deeply apologetic. And I hope that you will let me make it up to you... in whatever possible way you wish things made up to you in." [hangs up the phone and facepalms]
  • Dexter trying to write his wedding vows: "It sounds like I'm marrying a unicorn."

    Season Four 
  • After a particularly tiring day, Dexter climbs into bed happy about how he'll finally get a good night's sleep. Cue Harrison crying.
    Dexter: Fuck.
  • While stalking the neighborhood vandal in an all-black outfit, he's mistaken for the vandal by the neighborhood watch. "This is embarrassing. It's 'observe and report,' you assholes, not 'observe and chase'!"
  • LaGuerta asks Dexter to come into her office so they can talk.
    LaGuerta: I know everything, Dexter.
    Dexter (voice over): I'm gonna choose not to misinterpret that.
  • Be careful what you mime, Debra.
  • Both funny and horrifying:
    Sally: I'm so thankful for you, Arthur.
    Arthur/Trinity: Shut up, cunt.
  • In Episode 7, Deb talks to Dexter after discovering he has had a long series of affairs, and Ghost Harry comments that disappointing your children is a father's worst nightmare. Dexter says that "it doesn't sound like Harry" and Ghost Harry turns to him and says, "Thank you, Dex!"
  • "What is it with you and rape? No one's ''raping'' anyone!"
  • When Dexter is looking for an activity for Astor and Cody. "What did I like to do when I was 12?" (Beat)'' "Moving on."
  • Dexter makes a speech about weather effects on forensics to get LaGuerta to let him go to a convention in Tampa (as an alibi), and she agrees pretty much just to make him stop talking. Then, cut to Dexter using the same routine on Rita. He even earns a blank look from eight-month-old Harrison.
  • In the premiere, the redo of the opening credits sequence now that Dexter is put off his game by having a kid: he misses the mosquito, his shirt has a puke stain, and he breaks his shoelace. Thankfully it's interrupted before we see how much he can screw up juicing an orange.
  • After having to open his secret trunk in his secret apartment for a suspicious Rita to see, and Harry's shotgun is revealed to be inside:
    Dexter: "You see? I've got nothing to hide from you."
    Narrating Dexter: "Except for the syringes, scalpels, and bone saw in that secret drawer underneath."
  • Hey Dex, where you going?
  • When the police start to piece together what the Trinity Killer must look like:
    Angel: So, we're looking for an old, retired, white Miami?
  • Arthur Mitchell dancing
  • After three and a half seasons of Deb's mouth, she finally has to censor herself while holding Harrison in Dexter' house.
    Deb: "Fuuuuuuddggeeee...."
    Deb: "Fu-" *looks down at Harrison* "Fudge."

    Season Five 
  • "Is that Justin Bieber? Not that I know who he is" from Masuka and Quinn deadpan looking on him.
  • Masuka's explanation of auto-erotic mummification, complete with hand gestures. "Two words..."]]
    • From the same scene, Deb's "What in the name of fuck went on here?". The deadpan delivery and the absurdity of the situation just makes it perfect.
    • For that matter, the scene itself. The audience can miss it since they saw the chain of events leading to it but just imagine being one of the officers who were first to come. It's sheer Mind Fuck.
    • The chain of events leading to the scene are ridiculous(ly funny) as well. Lumen shoots a man whom she suspects to be her rapist, then starts beating him with her shoe to get him to admit it while he continually tells her that he has no idea what she's talking about. After Dexter kills the rapist, the other naked gay rapist swathed in plastic whom he was planning to kill earlier that night escapes his car, and Dexter has to chase him down. All of this while Deb, Masuka, and EMTs are closing in on the scene.
    • The bit where Dexter's monologue narrates above Masuka's exaggerated masturbation gestures while the EMTs and Deb just stand bemused is particularly hilarious.
  • Harrison's first word(s) is "die-die", Sonya thinks he says "bye-bye"
    Narrating Dexter: "From the mouth of babes"
  • When discussing a possible ritual murder:
    Deb: "It's about that cult, Santa Mierda or something."
    Angel: *laughs* "It's Santa Muerte, Morgan. It's Saint Death, not Saint Shit."
  • Dexter's double-knock-out with Boyd. Even better when they wake up in the ambulance and begin lying about what happened without contradicting each other.
  • Masuka's tattoo.
  • "Just a cat that hiccups and farts at the same time." "Cute." What makes it work are the serious, tense whispers they say the lines in.
  • Dexter's "conversation" with Barry is the pinnacle of deadpan humor. As Dexter beats the crap out of him by striking specific parts of the body, the guy collapses and convulses while Dexter calmly explains the scientific reasons for why each blow hurts so much as if it is simply an interesting trivia, all in a flat monotone voice and while a rather upbeat song plays in the background. Priceless.

    Season Six 
  • Louis Greene has just perfected a video game where you play as famous serial killers throughout history:
    Louis: You can be Dahmer...or Jack the Ripper...or the Bay Harbor Butcher...
    Dexter's inner monologue: [with hilarious indignation] I am the Bay Harbor Butcher.
  • In the premiere, Dexter attempts to dance to MC Hammer with Harry giving him the double thumbs-up. But the best part is the voice-over.
    Dexter: I have no idea what Hammertime is. Or how it differs from regular time.
  • Angel freaking out that people will think his sister is his girlfriend.
    "I said you weren't my girlfriend. Now she's going to think you're a hooker."
  • Voice-over Dexter's response to Dexter's babbling attempts to stop a hot ex-classmate giving him a surprise blow job:
    "Stop talking, Dexter."
  • After Quinn proposes to Deb:
    Dexter: Debra Quinn. Your initials would be DQ. Like the...
    Deb: I will kill you.
  • Deb discovers pantyhose:
    Deb: Has anyone ever died from crotch asphyxiation?
    Dexter: You have now crossed the line into inappropriate brother-sister exchanges.
  • Dexter spends some time with Walter Kenney, the elderly curmudgeon formerly known as the Tooth Fairy, in order to dig up some dirt on him. Needless to say, he comes across as more hilariously mean than threatening. Once he catches onto Dexter, he pulls a gun on him, revealing that he found out who he is when he "goggled" his name. All Dexter can do is roll his eyes.
  • Dexter walks in on Deb and Harrison's babysitter having a heated argument, and wonders "Would it be weird if I just left?"
  • Dexter's confusion over Deb calling him a chair.
    • And then later, when he finally thinks he gets it and just doesn't:
    Dexter: I'm here for you, Deb. (Confidently) I'm your chair.
    Deb: (Irritated) Well, I don't want you to be a chair, I want you to be a table.
    (On Dexter: what???)
  • Quinn and Batista smoke a joint in Batista's new Trans Am.
  • Quinn assumes he left his gun in the car of a stripper he picked up. It turns out to actually be the car of a middle-aged woman who works in a waffle house across the street. And they took pictures.
  • At the end of the season finale, Dexter has just finished making an amazing, menacing speech to the God-fearing Travis about how God has nothing to do with what's happened, how God was never guiding Travis at all, just before killing him - then he looks up to see Debra staring at him in horror. Voiceover Dexter's response is just a resigned, "Oh God."

    Season Seven 
  • In the second episode, when Deb outlines her plan to keep Dexter from killing:
    Deb: We're gonna eat together, we're gonna watch TV together, we're gonna drive to fucking work together.
    Dexter: Hope you've got a big shower.
  • In "Run", Dexter's victim starts dropping F-bombs (including an atomic one) when he realizes the futility of his cries for help. Dexter then starts hopping around like a monkey and imitating him before getting in his face and screaming it at him. Here's a video.
    • And earlier, when he tells the same victim to try taking a shower.
  • Dexter and Debra talking in his car after Dexter captures Estrada for the second time. When Deb hears a thump from the trunk, Dexter admits he's hiding Estrada back there. Deb just gives an exasperated sigh and leaves the car.
  • After 5 seasons, we hear that famous phrase yet again, "Surprise motherfucka!"
  • In a flashback with Doakes, Dexter claims a friend told him the phrase he had just said. Doakes, without any delay, replies:
    Doakes: Bullshit. You don't have any friends.
  • LaGuerta is determined to prove that Doakes wasn't the Bay Harbor Butcher, but a skeptical Matthews counters her with some rather off-color phrasing.
    LaGuerta: We don't know Doakes used this place. You're jumping to conclusions.
    Matthews: This address came from the tackle box, which came from the cabin where Doakes died. This isn't jumping to a conclusion—this conclusion's hanging from your ass.
    *LaGuerta gives him a look of disgust*
    • And later...
      LaGuerta: This evidence could have been planted. Dexter is a forensics expert, and he has the skills—
      Matthews: Maria, it's over. The fat lady isn't singing. Her song is done. She's getting dry-humped in her dressing room.

    Season Eight 
  • In the season premier, Dexter logs into Debra's bank account to gain a location to where she had been hiding but needs her password. He tries "Password" but it doesn't work... when he writes "Fucking Password", he gains access. But Michael's deadpan of "Fucking Password" was priceless.
  • The look on Dexter's face when he finds a cannibalized finger in some stew. It is notably one of the few times (if not the only time) that something has genuinely grossed him out.
  • After a particularity heated discussion between Debra and Dr. Vogel:
    Deb: Why the fuck should I trust you?! Why the mother fuck do you care?!
  • Masuka hitting on Niki Walters and then awkwardly trying to backpedal after she reveals herself to be his daughter.
  • Saxon's snarl of "fuckin' Dexter!" when he sees himself on the TV at the gas station (and knows that Dexter is to blame) counts.


    The Books 
‘’’Darkly Dreaming Dexter’’’
  • Book Dexter is quite the Deadpan Snarker and as such is a good source of these. Early in Darkly Dreaming Dexter there's a scene where Dexter is dumping pieces of a body in the ocean and comments that people often mistake him for a fisherman:
    • Also, one from when his boss tells him about how nice his clothes are:
      Dexter: I've always considered myself the best dressed monster in Dade County.
    • In the same book, after he comes back from a botched and interrupted murder, Dexter sits around at home waiting for the morning paper to arrive.
      Dexter: Honestly, if you can't get your paper to me on time, how can you expect me to refrain from killing people?
‘’’Dearly Devoted Dexter’’’
  • Throughout the book all Dex wants to do is eat. After finding Danco’s first victim and waiting in the car for Deb to come out he starts haranguing his sister about going to get lunch:
    Dexter: ... maybe a nice fruit salad to get your blood sugar back up?
    Deborah: This is why I became a cop, Dex.
    Dexter:... the fruit salad?
    • and later in the same convo:
      Deborah: I’m so close I can taste it!
      Dexter: Does it taste like a sandwich?
  • After getting Chutsky’s finger in the mail Dex keeps the ring to give to Deborah in case he doesn’t make it. Rita finds it, starts squealing and hugging him and Dex just assumes he’s done something to upset her. She thinks he’s proposed.
    • What makes it funnier is that Dex thinks that it makes more sense than the actual explanation of why he has the ring so he just goes with it.


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