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  • Galen's wooden acting when controlling his homunculus in 'Racing The Night'.
    "Oh look, my liver. I'd wondered where that'd got to."
  • Every time Gideon brings up the smell in one area of Excalibur's tram tube during 'Visitors From Down the Street'. Especially when he figures out where it is.
  • Galen is one of the Technomages. They are almost totally unflappable under any circumstance, seeming calm and collected at all times. The first time we see them lose their cool is when Galen hears that an actual dragon is attacking a planet. His look of shock and utter bewilderment has to be seen and/or heard to be believed.
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  • The people of Regula stole a freighter for two days, then returned it. The engines were missing and were replaced with Peanut Butter. Galen laughs at this.
  • "The Needs of Earth" has Jerkass anthropologist Eilerson accidentally slip Captain Gideon some human/alien porn because he was too lazy to type out a report or realize he was recording over some of his Porn Stash let alone erase it first. Most fans of the series will give a Fascinating Eyebrow at the names alone - "Snow White and the Seven Narns", "Who's Your Little Pak'Ma'Ra"... but the really kinky part must be looked up; Pak'Ma'Ra have truly Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism: half of the species is actually immobile and permanently attaches itself to the humanoid's back. A Pak'Ma'Ra's "sex" organs would be at the base of its neck. The ship's doctor mentions that this makes the entire concept absurd; cue the Head Tilt. Gideon fiddles with the data crystal in front of Eilerson just to screw with him for much of the episode, and the final payoff involves using it to distract some prison guards during a daring rescue. Perhaps too well, as even the thief was distracted to the point of head-tilt!
    Captain Matthew Gideon: That's an amazing thing, technology.
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  • The Hyperspace creatures in "The Well of Souls" mating with the Excalibur. It Makes Sense in Context, and Gideon's reaction is priceless.
  • One episode has the Excalibur receive a distress call from a disabled Starfury (flown by Captain Lochley). An Obstructive Bureaucrat insists that their orders demand that they not stop for anything. So Gideon orders the ship to catch the fighter by flying past and scooping it up with the hangar bay. Lochley, who has no idea what's going on, can only watch as the large ship rapidly closes the distance on her disabled fighter.
  • Gideon arriving on Mars and going to meet Lochley to report to her only to find her occupied with arguing with a Martian police officer. His annoyed expressions while they talk over him puts the icing on it.
  • "The Rules of the Game": Gideon makes a mildly dismissive remark about President Sheridan to Lochley, whom he doesn't know yet is Sheridan's ex-wife.
    Gideon: Oh, I'm sure [Sheridan] puts his pants on one leg at a time.
    Lochley: Mmm. And backwards in the dark, sometimes.

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