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  • When Tracy is assigning Richard a case, the ensuing conversation ends up sounding pretty cheeky out of context.
    Richard: No more sex, Tracy! You're always giving me sex!
    Tracy: Would you prefer something with drugs?
    Richard: Yes! I love drugs! Thankyou.
  • Lina and Paula go up against each other in court, the case revolving around a tattoo artist drawing a massive dick on someone's back as a prank. Outside the court, the two share a laugh over how ridiculous the whole thing is.
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  • Richard Throwing Down the Gauntlet to Tatum - by miming taking gloves off.
    Richard: Gloves are off.
    Tatum: I didn't just peel off imaginary gloves!
  • Richard and Ben having a lad's night, which ends with them both running down a hotel corridor in their birthday suits. Naturally, Richard gets caught and has to apologise.

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