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  • To those who watched Babylon 5 from the beginning, compare the CGI of the space activity from there to here. It's breathtaking how much they improved from there to here.
  • Maximilian's takedown of a loan shark threatening him and his ex-wife (oh, and the guy KIDNAPPED THE CAT for ransom too), by (a) putting some kind of unremovable alien prisoner collar on the guy, (b) programming two little bombs to go off if the guy goes anywhere near him and his ex. Then demands his cat back... "Not only that, you will bathe and groom him, because I don't know where he's been."
  • The Excalibur gets one in the series' "final episode", as does Vorlon technology. The Drakh Mothership is a near-60 kilometre long colossus, the largest ship in the entire Babylon 5 mythos barring the Vorlon and Shadow Planet-Killers, capable of carrying, deploying, and building the two-mile long Drakh Cruisers, ranking among the biggest star-ships in all of fiction. Excalibur, just below three kilometres long, blasts it to Kingdom Come with one shot of its main gun.
    • The main gun of the Excalibur is derived from Vorlon technology, specifically the gun used on the Vorlon Cruisers. It drains the Excalibur of nearly all its energy for one minute, leaving it dead in the water. However, this main gun is shown wiping out everything in its path, including an entire flight of Drakh Cruisers in the Battle for Earth defending the Planet-Killer's core. And the series finale shows the main gun annihilating the biggest ship any of the Younger Races has ever constructed in a single shot. It puts into perspective just how powerful the Vorlons truly were as a race, that even an imperfect copy of their main weapons can destroy anything the Younger Races can create. It also shows why the Drakh destroyed the Earth Alliance shipyard where the Excalibur and Victory were built, as the ships were far too powerful to allow the Earthers to build more in the near future.

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