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Headscratchers / Crusade

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    Who do you serve and who do you trust? 

  • Has there ever been any clarification over what that phrase is about? Could it be a driving question similar to the Vorlon's asking "Who are you?" and the Shadows asking "What do you want?", but it's Galen forming one for humans?
    • This was most likely in reference to the main plotline that was to be the bulk of the series, where Earth Gov is discovered to be reverse-engineering shadow technology, and the Excalibur turns renegade. In this plotline, it is also revealed that the techno-mages got their technology from shadow tech, providing a second possible interpretation for the line.

[[folder:What WAS the five year plan? ]]


  • Tasks me, and I didn't have the cash for the scriptbook. (Missed out on "But in purple I'm stunning" too...)



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