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The third game

  • A lot of the conversations in CoS III are this, whenever it's not being serious. While it's more or less 50-50 in most single character scenarios, a LOT of the scenarios in Dramatic Change Mode are notable for cranking the Silliness Switch Up to Eleven. In some extreme cases, even the end-stage bosses (most of which are fairly calm or demure) can fall prey to the stupidity of the conversation or feel embarrassed by it. For example, in the Kohtaro-Reika scenario, as a result of Reika's rambling:
    Tsukiko: "Um, hello? I'm the last boss here. Please don't ignore me."
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  • Most of Reika's scenario, especially when at the end, while fighting Tsukiko, Reika mentions that there's a player that's fighting her, and then she tells the player to lend her a hand. Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome for Reika.
    Reika: "Everyone playing this game, lend Reika your strength. Let's show them a Shoot 'em Up legend!"
  • Kagachi doesn't even get an introductory taunt in edgewise against Roger:
    Kagachi: Wel—
    Roger: Shut up! Die!
  • The dialogue is just wonderfully ridiculous. Within the first ten minutes of Reika's plot...
  • When looking at the prologue for Kohtaro and Emilio's scenario, Munchausen tells the player to continue the rest of the story with Emilio and Kohtaro, with Batu saying to Munchausen, "Who are you talking to?"
  • Also when looking at the prologue for Gennojo and Reika's scenario, Reika tells the player at the end of the prologue, "But that conversation suddenly turned into a big ruckus...! To find out the rest, play Castle of Shikigami 3 with Reika and Hyuga!"
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  • Pair up Kohtaro and Mihee and witness Mihee's crusade to destroy the factory that produces lovey-dovey couples. Damn Gargam (tentative name)!

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