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Trivia / Castle of Shikigami

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  • Bad Export for You: The first two games got completely screwed in their US localization, the first one released as "Mobile Light Force 2" (the sequel to a game that had nothing to do with Castle of Shikigami) with all the story elements cut out (and a cover art that resembled nothing in the game itself), and the second game suffering from one of the most infamously bad video game translation jobs of all time. Thankfully, the third game turned out alright.
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  • Fan Translation: The first game's PC port has an English translation in progress by Iwakura Productions.
  • No Export for You: While the main games have been released outside of Japan, with varying degrees of localization quality, there are other ports of the game and spin-offs not released anywhere else. The first game has a port on the original Xbox, the second on GameCube and Dreamcast, and the third on Xbox 360 (in which Kotaro is the mascot instead of the Wii version's Reika, which carried over to its localization). There are also PC ports of the main games that was only released in Japan.
    • In an odd inversion, the PlayStation Network re-release of Castle Shikigami II was released only in North America and Europe, but not in Japan.

Alternative Title(s): Shikigami No Shiro


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