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  • The fact that the official rules state that the first player to judge must be the one who most recently pooped.
  • Any time you're playing with Rando Cardrissian and "he" comes out with a much better answer than any player - especially if it's a black card that requires 2 or 3 white cards played together that have to all make sense.
  • Just about every year around the Holiday shopping season, they do promote their products. Instances include deliberately charging $5 more for the game on Black Friday with the explicit message that it'll be cheaper the next day (people still purchased it) to offering only literal bullshit in a box as the only thing to purchase (again, people still purchased it) to merely soliciting donations and blowing all the money on digging a hole (and again, people gave them money for it).
    • Also on the Holiday Hole's FAQ when asked if they would donate the money sent to them to a charity, they responded "Why don't YOU send this money to charity? It's your money!"
  • At Emerald City Comic Con, they, like at many conventions, did something to get the public's attention. This time, they put a whole bunch of product on display with no one maintaining the booth. Everyone was on the honor systemnote  To the surprise of maybe one or two CAH staff, con goers were seen walking off with handfuls of product and paying nothing. The booth was picked clean one hour later. Doing the math, they essentially got paid on 1 in every 6 games they had, and lost just under $700 per minute in that one hour.
    • Patrons didn't put just money into the bin. Other things they found included five Canadian Dollars ($3.72 USD), ten Euros ($10.66 USD), eighty Philippine Pesos ($1.59 USD), one Chinese Yuan ($0.14 USD), one Cubone card, XY Breakthrough (avg price - $0.68 USD), one Magic: The Gathering Eternal Masters booster pack wrapper (No Value), a handwritten “Any Pizza Free” and “Twisted Flicks + KPC” coupon from a Papa Murphy’s in Kirkland, WA (Estimated Value $25.00 USD), one $1 Bill folded into a bowtie; one “” $1 bill, and two halves of a $1 bill.
  • A patron by the name of Kaitlyn really wanted the glitter that was supposed to come with the Pride expansion packs she ordered (they were out, and she ordered 5 packs). In response, she emailed them and asked if they could just "send [her] a shit-ton of glitter." Maria of CAH in response told her "check your mailbox in about a week" and "Be Careful What You Wish For". When a letter with the CAH offices' return address came, first inside was a handwritten white card with "Sorry we fucked up! Love you. ♥, Cards Against Humanity" on it. The envelope...the envelope was full of glitter. As well as a second parcel that was also filled to bursting with glitter.
    Kaitlyn: Is that all you got? (I am actually really happy you guys even responded)
    Maria: Kaitlyn, sorry to have underwhelmed you. Thanks for the excuse to take this too far. Please continue to keep an eye on your mailbox.
    • CAH's response was a larger box of glitter.
      Kaitlyn: I haven't seen the floor in days. Every time I think I've finally gotten rid of it all, a tiny more appears. Then a tiny bit more and more. I've succumbed to eating a small bowl of glitter with milk in the hopes that I can just be rid of it all. Update it hasn't worked.
      Maria: Kaitlyn, we tried to play it cool. You did this to yourself.
      Kaitlyn: You right
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  • The hologram that appears on every box's seal of authenticity is always misspelled in some way.

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