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  • Lot of Bull's mental thoughts or imagining what the jurors are thinking of can be funny throughout the show.
  • When going to meet Marissa's new date in "Play the Hand You're Dealt". Bull has a inner monologue with himself about being nice and as he gets there thinks maybe he won't be so bad. Then he sees him and already decides he hates him.
  • Bull's Thanksgiving plans in Season 2: a day spent watching football in the office while enjoying a huge meal by himself. What makes it funny is that he and Marissa have a ritual where she presents him with the football package as Also sprach Zarathustra blares in the background.
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  • When dealing with Rebecca, who is considered a potential perpetrator of the murder of her husband who had a gambling addiction and drove the family broke, Bull gives her the Good News, Bad News and figures it's implausible she'd be actually pinned for it given the circumstances in her favor. Then she reveals that her husband had put out an insurance policy on his life within the past six months, with the money to go to her which would inevitably create the image of murderous Insurance Fraud. All it takes is for Bull to hear 'insurance' before he shows he knows all too well how bad this is.
    Bull: Well, forget everything I said after 'good news'.
  • "Justice for Cable" has Bull struggling to get out of the elevator when the deliverymen were bringing in boxes of financial banks from a local bank.
  • "Bounty" has a rookie ADA objecting to Colon's question to a witness. When the judge asked why she was objecting, She just says "I don't know".
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  • "Off the Rails" has Bull address Benny as a religious fanatic because he doesn't want his daughter to be baptized.


  • The tagline "He'll get you off". Dr. Phil was asked about this tagline and whether he and the production crew were sincere about creating it for the show.

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