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  • Marissa, Danni and Cable working together to track down Kyle, who had tricked Marissa and stole her bank account and get him arrested.
  • Bull realizes his old friend is guilty of orchestrating a murder just so he could be with the widow of one of the victims. He then discovers that the widow doesn't even know the guy, this is obsession. Bull is able to pull off a great scam to trick the man into confession. He then visits him in jail, pointing out that even if the guy can prove Bull set up the confession, he's still on the hook for the murder. Plus, as Bull smugly says, it's not likely he'll take a professional hit from getting a psychopath off the streets.
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  • Bull exposes a Crime Boss who has been feigning insanity for her crimes and actions for years. Doing so in Court in front of everyone so they know she's a fake.
  • When Bull gets evidence of a surveillance photo in Panama of a businessman speaking with an identified terrorist, he pretends to explain to the judge that the photo he got was from an anonymous person who submitted to media outlets. Said person was him in order to cover up a sympathetic Homeland Security officer who found said evidence because she'll be fired for showing it to a civilian without any kind of authorization.
  • The entire trial in "The Good One".
  • Benny appeals to Judge Hollingsworth in "The Sovereigns" to use his reasonable judicial discretion in whether to sentence or acquit Judge Duggan for allowing a witness to flee from FBI agents under her watch.
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  • TAC going up against it in "The Great Divide" when Chunk and Benny take up cases that are directly related to each other.
  • Greg Valerian decides to bite the bullet in "The Ex Factor" to testify against Douglas Scott and serve 36 months with charges being dropped on his ex-wife since she has no involvement in Scott's drug business.


  • Although critical reception has been mixed, Bull is the number one rated drama of the 2016-2017 TV season, keeping much of the audience of its lead-in, NCIS. It is currently averaging around 10 million viewers per episode (even consistently topping the numbers of critical darling This Is Us) and the numbers remain steady even as NCIS viewing figures fluctuate week to week. A second season renewal was all but guaranteed.

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