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Tear Jerker / Bull

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  • In the episode Too Perfect we meet Bull's ex wife and Benny's sister Bella who is the client they're defending, and we discover that during their marriage, she became pregnant but she tragically lost the baby. Bull became engrossed in his work to cope with the loss and pain that he was feeling and it lead to the two's divorce.
  • Marissa realizing her boyfriend Kyle just conned her out of her bank accounts and maxed out her credit cards. She lies to Bull about enjoying a weekend in Florida when she couldn't afford a cab, let alone air fare.
    • The next episode makes it worse as Marissa finds Kyle is married with three kids but left his family, a long-time con man running money and she's just the latest in his long line of women he's romanced and scammed. While she gets revenge by having him arrested, it's clear Marissa is rocked she never saw this coming.
  • Bull's long-time friend, a shrink, is sued by the widows of two men killed by a former patient. Bull finds something off about the case and confronts his friend who admits the truth: He knew the patient was a time bomb and gave him the gun to kill those men so he could be with one of the widows. He's utterly calm admitting it as Bull is horrified to realize his friend is a complete psychopath and what's worse, Bull has to continue defending him and can't say anything due to confidentiality.
    • Then it gets worse. Bull goes to confront the widow, talking of what a great cover it was to sue the doctor to cover up the murder and affair. She rips into him on how "the man I loved is dead" and Bull realizes there is no affair. His friend has been in love with the woman but it was totally one-sided, she never even knew him. Bull gets her to go on a date where she tricks the doctor into confessing what he did. She's barely able to hold it together realizing this man is so delusional that he honestly believes she could love him after he destroyed her life.
  • The savage Gut Punch opener of Season 3 was a pitch black night for Cable fans. Cable took a fatal plunge into the water off a broken bridge. Those who thought the new season would open on a hopeful note and gently walk away from the massive cliffhanger are going to shake their fists and cry buckets in outrage.

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