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  • Fake American: Nathaniel Arcand (Native Canadian) plays Mack, an American Nawakwa First Nations Indian.
  • McLeaned: Annabelle Attanasio did not return for Season 3. Her character Cable is brutishly killed off. It's a kick to the chest considering the cliffhanger it proceeded and the show already had a chance to write her out and nearly followed through. They didn't let her get to hop on a bus. It's a "screw you" nobody wanted to see, because she had it bad enough already. The MST3K Mantra needs to be chanted aplenty to heal from this affront for many.
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  • Network to the Rescue: Despite sexual harassment controversy and falling ratings during Season 3, CBS renewed the series for a fourth season.
  • Playing Against Type: Michael Weatherly previously spent 13 years playing the highly-animated Tony DiNozzo. Bull, on the other hand, is much more reserved and speaks very softly whereas DiNozzo practically shouted in comparison.
  • Troubled Production: It was initially planned for Eliza Dushku to frequently appear as a central character, but Dushku balked at inappropriate behavior by Michael Weatherly that she regarded as sexual harassment. She was subsequently written out of the series after just a few appearances, and CBS paid a monetary settlement to Dushku that was not publicized until a few years after the fact. After Weatherly issued a denial, Dushku went into further detail, claiming Weatherly engaged in rape humor, made several distasteful comments about her appearance, and flaunted his close ties to CBS boss Les Moonves (himself recently ousted over allegations of sexual misconduct).
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  • You Might Remember Me from...: Michael Weatherly starred as Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo on NCIS for 13 years prior to starring on Bull. And before that he was Logan Cale, the guy who could never have sex with Jessica Alba (for complicated reasons) in Dark Angel.


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