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It's like The Odd Couple to the power of seven.

Blackest Night

  • Hal Jordan shoving Larfleeze's snout into the Orange Lantern Battery in order to force him to shut up and recharge his ring to 100,000% percent.
  • Hal and Barry having a fun discussion on masks that leads to an open shot on Clark Kenting.
    Hal: Clark hides behind a pair of glasses and you're worried about me?
    Barry: Clark slouches, drops his voice an octave and wears suits two sizes too large.
  • Alex DeWitt returning in a refrigerator, with a Black Lantern magnet on the door. Then Mood Whiplash sets in as she pulls Kyle into the fridge and forces him to see her murder, with him in Major Force's role.
    • Bonus points: /co/ had a Black Lantern Fridge as a running gag for a while.
  • Barry punching the resurrected (and rejuvenated) Captain Boomerang in the face is just hilarious, as is his "spaz-out" when he sees all the resurrected heroes and villains.
  • The end of Larfleeze vs. Luthor. "Victory is mine, baldy! And if you had any hair, I'd take that too!"
    • Screw the end of it. How did Larfleeze knock out Luthor? Throwing the Orange Power Battery at the back of Luthor's bald head in the middle of his dramatic speech.
    • Furthermore:
    Larfleeze: (throws an unconscious Luthor at the other Lanterns' feet) Here! He's from your world. Dispose of this hairless thief!
    (Beat; we can see some of the others look fairly amused)
    Larfleeze: What? What's so funny?
    Carol Ferris: You do realize what you've just done, don't you, Larfleeze?
    Sinestro: You finally gave someone something, you ridiculous rodent.
    Larfleeze: (confused) I didn't... You...
  • Related, when Luthor was being restrained by Star Sapphire Wonder Woman using the Lasso of Truth:
    Orange Lantern Lex Luthor: The t-truth... What I really want... Is to be Superman.
    Star Sapphire Wonder Woman: ...of course you do.
  • Deadman possesses Jason Blood to get Etrigan to use his firepower to save Red Robin and Batman. Being possessed, Etrigan has no recollection of the possession and once Red Robin and Batman are safe and Deadman leaves, he finds himself suddenly surrounded by zombies. His indignation as he stomps off in disgust is priceless:
    Why have I been summoned here? What has that fool, Blood, put me in the middle of?
    Hands off me, vile creatures!
    The varied abominations this city regurgitates puts even hell to shame.
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  • At the end of everyone reciting their own Lantern creeds, Larfleeze simply goes "Eh?"
  • Any time Larfleeze is flaunting his power or exhibiting his pure avarice only for the Black Lanterns to show up:
    Larfleeze: Yuh-oh....
    • Every other line of dialogue he utters after this counts too. Like when Hal Jordan creates a huge green STOP sign, and Larfleeze whispers:
    Larfleeze: "Now what does that say? I never learned to read..."
  • When Flash and Hal team up to combat the zombiefied Martian Manhunter, Flash reveals that there was a reason for all the chemicals he had spilled around J'onn's feet. Hal comes in and lobs one of Commissioner Gordon's squad cars at it, expanding that they're all flammable. His Bond One-Liner?

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