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In even the Blackest Night, there are a few heartwarming moments.

As a Moments page, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Barry freeing Bart from his black ring with The Power of Love.
  • These pages from Blackest Night: The Flash #3. I take back everything bad I've ever said about Geoff Johns.
    • It also shows, in a very touching way, why the Blue Lantern Corps' power ring, which is fuelled by hope, chose Barry. Bart had lost faith in himself, but Barry inspires him to regain it.
  • As Atrocitus mourns the loss of his family, Saint Walker reaches out to him and shares the story of how he lost his family on the path to becoming a lantern too. This and the memory of his family and people are what convince Atrocitus to join Hal Jordan and the others in standing together against the Black Lanterns.
  • The Blackest Night: Wonder Woman sub-series has a few, befitting the one chosen for her capacity for love:
    • In the first issue, Wonder Woman is drawn to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery, which has been taken over by Black Lantern Maxwell Lord, who has also placed the sentinels who guard the tomb under mind control to fight Diana. She frees them from the mind control with the golden lasso, then tells them to escape while they can. They refuse to abandon their duty or leave their post at the tomb, and dig in to fight alongside Wonder Woman... against what's basically a superpowered zombie.
    "Honored dead. Forgive Me"
    • After Wonder Woman involuntarily pummels mercilessly at Mera under the influence of the Black Lantern Ring, she weakly tells the latter to run and immediately flies away from any other heroes she might be compelled to kill under the ring's control. Just when it appears she has started a massacre on her Amazonian kin (Wonder Girl and Donna Troy killed, and Hippolyta pinned on the ground), in comes a batarang with what appears to be Bruce as Batman, giving her a kiss. In what may seem like a copout, this all turns out to be a mirage created by Aphrodite in order to allow the ring to run its course as she fights it off, as Diana notices a Star Sapphire Ring flying around her. The goddess of love tells her that Diana's love for all existence must survive, so she helped Diana break free of the Black Lantern Ring's curse with the Star Sapphire Ring. As she flies off in Star Sapphire mode, Diana's last line doubles as an Awesome moment:
    Diana: It must do more... it must triumph.
    • The third and final issue has Diana gazing in awe at the rays of light generated by her new ring as she is approached by Carol, who immediately notes her limitless capacity for love. Diana immediately picks up on Carol's unrequited love for Hal and tells her that it doesn't suit either of them for her to keep it to herself. (Carol later kisses Hal before the latter is willingly possessed by Parallax.) Later, after engaging with Mera a second time, the latter possessed by a Red Lantern Ring, Diana, with the lasso's help, notices the latter's pent up anger from years of lies and regrets from her fallen husband and son, and calms her down somewhat.
  • Half of what happens when everyone comes back to life. Particularly:
    Mera: Arthur? Are we dead?
    Aquaman: No.
    (they hug)
  • Guy Gardner, upon discovering that fellow GL Kyle Rayner is in fact alive, hugs him suddenly and warmly. Guy's normally a Boisterous Bruiser and a bit of a hardass, so seeing the relief and joy on his face is a touching moment.
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  • Catwoman sends a flare into the sky, calling Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn to help her. When they arrive, Catwoman tells them her sister is in danger, and they immediately head off with Catwoman, no questions asked, simply because Catwoman needs their help.
  • The main series opens up with the revelation that there are holidays to celebrate dead heroes, a nice touch to honor those who paid the ultimate price to give justice.
  • The black rings being unable to rise Don Hall with the simple message that he is at peace.


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