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The Captain Boomerang at the end of Blackest Night #8 wasn't Digger Harkness...
The Captain Boomerang that was revived by the White Rings may have been called by Digger's name (C.B. 1), but absolutely did not look like Harkness himself. In Blackest Night: The Flash #3, he looks just like he did when he died in Identity Crisis, but when revived looked much younger than he did when he was a Black Lantern. What really happened was that when Captain Boomerang Jr. became a Black Lantern, he and his dad... kinda fused together into a singular entity, so when Boomerang was revived he was both Boomerang and Boomerang Jr. This theory appears to be bolstered by Captain Boomerang's profile in Flash: Secret Files as his real name is blacked out.
  • Considering that the White Lantern Ring called Hawkgirl Kendra Saunders, but revived her as Shiera Hall, it is feasible that something like this could happen.

There will be a Blackest Night in the Marvel Universe
Thanos opens up a portal to view other realities and sees the Blackest Night event unfold in The DCU. Being in love with Death, he sees recreating this event in his own world as the perfect tribute to his love. He finds a way to travel to the DCU and steals one of the black rings. He brings it back to his world and tries to replicate it and succeeds. Using these rings, he raises the dead in hopes of using those already in Death's grip to bring more into her servitude. Rings fall all across the universe, landing in graves or other places where dead bodies are stored. Eerie voices speak from the rings. "Ben Reilly of Earth... RISE!" "Emil Blonskey of Earth... RISE!" "Mar-Vell of Hala... RISE!" Similar calls echo throughout the universe, and soon, the dead, empowered with their new rings, go and seek out their prey. The heroes of Earth valiantly fight off the forces of Death which are revived versions of deceased enemies, but many of them cannot bring themselves to fight those they had once loved of cared for. However, they soon come to terms that these are not their loved ones, merely twisted reflections of them brought in to confuse and weaken the heroes.

When Thanos learns that his army is in peril, he brings in his secret weapon. While Thor opens a portal to Asgard to retrieve weapons and gather reinforcements, Thanos sends a black ring through Thor's portal. It finds it's target, and a terrible, booming voice says "Odin of Asgard... RISE!" With that, the king of the Norse Gods is but a puppet of Thanos, putting the entire universe in jeopardy. The Guardians of the Universe over in the DCU sense this great power being corrupted in another world, and choose to try to aid that world's heroes. They cannot directly help them, but they do so indirectly by sending in two of each color ring into the Marvel Universe to choose someone worthy enough to wield the light. Two Green Lantern rings, representing willpower, seek out hosts. They choose Daredevil and strangely, Deadpool, who says he got it because of [[Film/Deadpool Ryan]] Reynolds. Next, two Blue Lantern rings look for people who inspire great hope in others. One goes to Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, and the other to Cable. Then, two yellow rings search for new members for the Sinestro Corps. Those who are chosen must be able to inspire great fear in others. Soon enough, Carnage (who probably isn't really currently dead) and Ghost Rider are inducted. Ghost Rider tries to keep Axe-Crazy Carnage in check. Then, red rings rampage around the Earth, looking for those with great rage in their hearts. Wolverine is chosen due to his occasional "Berseker Rages" and The Hulk also receives a ring because the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets. The orange rings soon find their hosts who are filled with greed: Norman Osborn and Doctor Doom. The violet rings zoom everywhere looking for women filled with love, and find Invisible Woman and The Enchantress. The last rings to find hosts are the indigo ones who require compassion, which they find in Spider-Man and Cyclops. Together, these light-wielding heroes and villains manage to fight off Thanos's undead forces. Thanos then has a vision of Death, and she rejects him for his endeavors, never truly wanting the whole universe to die. Afterwards, here is much cleanup to do, and many have died in the conflict, but the world was saved. The rings return to the Guardians, and all seems back to normal. That is, until the White Lantern appears in the Marvel Universe just as it had in the DC Universe...

  • Sounds like the greatest fanfic ever. Someone must write this posthaste.
    • This Troper seconds that opinion. And insert a link to it here.
      • Wouldn't Hope be a better choice for a Blue Lantern, because of her name, and the fact that she is the mutants hope.
      • I have had a similar idea to this one, but with the Fullmetal Alchemist universe. Red-Scar, Orange-Ling, Yellow-Olivia, Green-Ed, Blue-Roy, Indigo-Major Armstrong, and Violet-May Chang. A Black Lantern version of Hughes, Homhehein, the Homunculi...and even *gasp* Mrs. Elric!
      • I had an idea like it too, only with Reborn!. The seven of them and the Shimon get rings, with the entities, to fight BL Byakuran and BL of their future selves.
      • As the original troper who typed this, I would have to say Hope would make a better Blue Lantern, especially since Cable's dead.
      • This troper would argue that Spidey should get a green ring, seeing as being a Determinator is practically one of his superpowers. Dude just does not give up.
      • This is the guy who suggested the FMA thing first, and has perfected it. Replace Armstrong from above with Al, and for the Black Lanterns: Scar's Brother, Lan Fan's grandfather, Olivia's Second-in-command, Ed's mom, Hughes, That snake chick who died IN Al, and...I still need one for May Chang. Any ideas? Planning on getting some fanart of this done soon.
      • Here is the first part of that fanart:
      • Warlock of the New Mutants would be great for the Indigo ring, as his mutant power actually is enhanced compassion (everything else he does is just a natural ability of his race, but all the rest of them are cold-blooded killers). And Man-Thing would make an amusing Sinestro Corps member, in that his powers are fear-based.
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    • Unlikely to happen since it -already- happened (in canon) in a Thanos mini-series. In this series, Thanos gets the Heart of the Universe and doing what he does, destroys everything including reality and the cosmic entities, leaving only himself and Death. They talk and Thanos realizes that there's a 'error' in reality (that is, comic book characters cheating death) and so he remakes reality and fixes up that error. This was back in the early 2000's.
      • It's flat out impossible, in that it would require way too much cross-over between DC and Marvel. But the fact that Marvel did a somewhat similar event previously wouldn't be an obstacle; Marvel actually had two events in which dead heroes and villains returned as pawns of a powerful entity at roughly the same time Blackest Night was on the stands - Necrosha-X and Chaos War - so they obviously weren't shy about going to that well.

Nekron and the emotional entities of the various corps are connected to the Endless from Gaiman.
They are both supposed to be in the same continuity and the origins described are suspiciously similar: X came into being with the first creature capable of doing X. Of course the Endless are described as being a lot more powerful and Death really doesn't look anything like Nekron. There also isn't a one to one match between the Endless and the Corps. Destruction - Rage, Desire - Love and Dream - Willpower make sense. Death - Death is obvious. Hope, Compassion, Averice and Terror would be harder to match to Despair, Delight/Delirium and Destiny especially since the numbers don't work out.
  • I think it's more likely that they're in addition to the Endless. Because the Endless aren't really *endless*. Even Death will eventually have nothing left to claim but herself. Nekron isn't Death, he's un-life. He wants everything gone, to return to the empty blackness that is Nothing.
    • Exactly. Death of the Endless is the personification border between Life and Non-Life. Nekron is the personification of Non-Life.
    • Gaiman once stated in an interview that Death would be there to meet both Nekron and the Black Racer when each of them died. Of course, that probably isn't canonical anymore, if it ever was.

Alex Luthor Jr was a backup plan.
We saw at the end of Adventure Comics #5 that Laurie Lemmons has a Black Lantern Ring. Alex Luthor Jr, aware that Earth-Prime contains info on the main universe, became savvy. When his Black Lantern self arrived in our universe, he brought a bunch of spare Black Lantern rings,and sent them away off-panel. That way, not only will the rings remain thanks to Comic-Book Time, but their users will know everything thanks to the comics being written down. Where do you think Black Lantern Spoony came from?

if Blackest Night happened in the Dragon Ball universe...
Nekron really would have a fighting chance
  • No, because then he would have to contend with the ultimate force, the mighty undying HERCULE!
  • All of you, explain please.
    • It's simple: in Dragon Ball, all of the strongest threats in the universe have been killed, so they're the heavy hitters of the first wave. Freeza, Cell, and depending on if you count GT, all the forces from there. That's not even counting the movies with the like of Brolly or Janenba. Not to mention the various other planets that have been blown up and not brought back. Of course, that's just the FIRST wave: it's canon that literally everyone on the entire Earth was killed by Buu, except for a grand total of about six people up on Kami's lookout. So, yeah, the entire population of the planet is second wave "brought back from the dead" BL's. All of Goku's friends have been killed and brought back at least once as well. Goku, Gohan and Vegita are considered effectively the most physically powerful beings in existence by the end of any given story-arc, and they were all dead and brought back, and Goku is the only one who could pull the "completely pure and invulnerable to the ring" schtick, if not for the fact that his purity was overcome by rage to even BECOME a Super Saiyan. There's LITERALLY less than a dozen characters who even have a hope of not being instantly targeted by the rings, among them Mr. Satan, an assortment of the Kais, and possibly a few minor people. Nekron would literally have to show up, find an avatar, and then win.

Ray Palmer is a sociopath.
The Atom being chosen as a member of the Indigo Tribe raised a few eyebrow among readers. After all, the very last thing Palmer had been seen doing was committing Cold-Blooded Torture against several villains by stomping around inside their brains - the same way his deranged ex-wife murdered one of his oldest friends. Those aren't exactly the actions of a very compassionate person. After the end of Blackest Night, though, we discover the indigo rings force compassion on those who lack it. Suddenly, Ray Palmer being chosen makes a lot more sense.
  • This doesn't make much sense-he was clearly distraught when Sue was murdered by Jean, since he fled into Countdown. Meaning he clearly comprehends empathy. I think that the reason the ring picked him is because, without a set guide, they usually target the compassionate.
  • However, this does tie in to an Identity Crisis WMG that Ray was the actual killer and Jean was just driven insane from Ray murdering people to try and win her back.

Deathstorm is not out.
Let's face it, he's too damn fun to be Killed Off for Real. If he comes back, I imagine that he'll be an Enemy Within of Firestorm, and a fitting Evil Twin. Sowing seeds of dissent, so that the Firestorm Matrix detonates and BOOM! There goes the universe...
  • Confirmed, Deathstorm makes a comeback during Brightest Night.

Nekron is Death from The Sandman
When Lex Luthor temporarily dies and meets Death he accuses her of being behind The Black Lanterns, she neither denies or confirms it. Nekron is effectively a product of Black Hands imagination and him and Scar found a way to make it sentient by somehow manipulating Death.

Nekron is Death when Didi isn't in continuity.
The Sandman's status of continuity with the main DC Universe is ambiguous, even going by its own narrative. Whenever Death is not in continuity, she creates a split aspect of herself so that Death Takes a Holiday is a non-issue. The result is Nekron. The reason why Nekron is Nekron comes from being a split aspect. Didi is just as responsible for life as she is for death, but the Nekron aspect was only designed to be in charge of death. Without an opposite to balance him, Nekron couldn't see the value of life, and thus couldn't care for it. Given how old Nekron is, this was a split aspect back when Didi was the Grim Reaper instead of the Perky Goth release we've come to love, which made Nekron's descent into cosmic ecocide all the quicker and unavoidable. Its taken so long for Nekron to enact his Blackest Night plan because only recently before it has Sandman continuity was booted out of mainstream DC. Now that the true Death has returned, Nekron is shafted. Black Hand's creepy necrophilia is probably the result of very misunderstood Fetish/a Thanos Complex for Didi.

Nekron and Marvel's Death are aware of Each other.

Hierarchy for Nekron and other representations of Death.

Darkseid will come back, and he'll be using Nekron's power.
Considering Darkseid's obsession with Anti-life, and the fact that Nekron is basically Anti-Life. If anyone were to have an interested in trying to reverse-engineer or even control Nekron, it'd be Darkseid. Maybe they'll make a deal, maybe Darkseid will sneak out of the afterlife.

Nekron is the offspring of The Great Darkness/Great Evil Beast.
According to Nekron through Black Lantern Jean Loring, the universe existed before light and life, essentially eternally. The darkness is the true nature of reality, light is the intruder, and Nekron was created as guardian of said darkness. Sounds kind of like The Anti-God of DC Comics, the Great Darkness or Great Evil Beast. Introduced in Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, it was the ultimate Eldritch Abomination worse even than the Anti-Monitor, the darkness that existed before God said "let there be light". It took God/the Presence Himself to intervene and forming a balance. Perhaps the darkness Nekron talked about and this Primordial Chaos are one in the same, reflexively creating the Lord of the Unliving in response to the light. This would also indicate some relationship between the Shadowlands and Land of the Unliving. Nekron is either unaware that his "father" has unified with God, disowns such actions or cannot fathom light and life as a good thing. The light that God brought is, of course, the Life Entity. In a way, this would also make Black Hand the Great Darkness's "grandson".


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