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  • The mere existence of the Rave Gun. It plays rave music, flashing colors on the screen while it fires, that and it's a complete Game-Breaker, it does high amounts of damage even without it's ridiculous splash damage. It's only found in the first mission but it's still hilariously out of place in a serious game such as this.
  • A Something Awful commentated Let's Play by Lunethex turns most of the game into a Narm fest, particularly with showing failure conditions, messing with cheats, bugging the game and replacing unit voices such as Torgue running the Armory, the hot-headed General Collins screaming his displeasure at you ordering the Recycler around, the sound of Tim Allen letting out a confused grunt each time pilots step among other examples. Enjoy.
    • Many of the sound mods are based on previous Lunethex/Time Warriors LPs such as CoolGuy's "God dammit!" when ejecting which results in a Doppler-shifted "God dammit!" when enemies eject as well. Many of the ambient sounds from buildings was replaced by the jaunty music that he used when fighting Rhoemer at the end of the first Syphon Filter, resulting in uncontrollable giggles whenever it's heard.
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    • The Thumper Olympics. While Lune was waiting to show what happens when you run out of time in "Flying Solo", he comandeers a Soviet Czar and wreaks absolute havoc with infinite ammo and rapid fire thumper waves thanks to the steep canyons of Europa. The gold medalist, which was rated 10000000/10, was sending one tank well into the sky and the pilot to a messy death.
    • "Io's Bridge" was a case of everything going so very wrong and yet so very right. Clearing the bridge was a hassle enough as Lune gets a face full of rockets sniping an enemy Thunderbolt, the best part comes thanks to Battlezone's Artificial Stupidity as his tanks and scavengers fall into the lava and finally one of the tugs, which he can't control, falls into the lava and is destroyed, gets chewed out by Romeski so he ejects and burns in the lava himself... And the game considers that a victory because the other two tugs had reached the other side of the bridge which triggers the Instant-Win Condition.
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    • Bombers keep giving Lune trouble due to their inability to account for splash damage and their commander strafing in front of them. First one of his "Thunderbolts" blows him up at the end of "Total Destruction". The second time was when one of his "Grendels" blew up his own in "The Evil Battalion". Finally, in the Red Odyssey, he gets blown up again right at the very end of "Terra Incognita", this time by a Comet Cruise Missile fired by one of his friendly bombers in which he takes the opportunity to make a Call-Back to the grenade incident in Syphon Filter. The game audio mutes, a choir starts and then the missile appears at the edge of the screen as he zooms in on it. Followed by a very honest caption: "This is the third fucking time I've been teamkilled by a fucking bomber why do I keep building you stupid assholes why do you keep doing this to me". The cherry on the icing is that the mission immediately ends right as he's ejected thanks to another Instant-Win Condition.

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