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  • Pretty much anything involving Ferdinand the Duck.
    • When he does his mental calculation that Christmas requires dinner, and dinner usually requires an animal to be killed, which leads to him shouting this line:
    • And especially his allergy to cats. They make him sneeze, and the way he sneezes is just plain hilarious.
    • And his habit of beating the rooster to the roof, which, going by the responses of Mrs. Hogget ("We've got to do something about that duck") and Fly's puppies ("One day, we'll catch him and eat him, won't we, Mom?"), has become normal on the farm. The next day, the Rooster gets up even earlier to beat Ferdinand at his own game. However, by that point, Mrs. Hogget had bought an alarm clock, putting both out of a job.
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    • When Ferdinand is fixing to crow for the second time, right before the alarm clock goes off, cutting him off, he quickly goes "mi-mi-mi-mi-mi..." as if to get his pitch right.
    • His epic freakout when Babe nearly destroys the living room sneaking past Duchess the cat.
    • In his first scene, after his unpleasant attempt at crowing, he falls off the roof, but picks himself up and waddles on, with an uproariously nonchalant "Doodle doodly doo."
  • Farmer Hoggett's first meeting with Babe where he guesses his weight, during which Babe pees on his shoe. Taking this in stride, he adjusts his guess once Babe is done doing this.
  • A bit of dark humor, but when Babe asks if pigs are allowed in the house, one of the puppies replies "Not live ones" in the sweetest, most innocent voice imaginable.
  • Babe trotting by a stoic Farmer Hoggett at the competition, as the line of text displayed on the television reads "PIG".
  • A subtle joke, but when Babe is first talking with the sheep at the sheep-dog trial, one of them starts to defecate.
    • Yep. They were playing up the Dumb Animal routine to the hilt, out of, quite literally, both ends. They didn't think any better of Babe then the crowd did. The Oh, Crap! look on their faces, though, when Babe recited the Sheep's Creed? Even funnier.
  • This Who's on First? bit between Babe and Maa when they first meet:
    Maa: Darn wolf.
    Babe: I'm not a wolf. I'm a pig. What are you?
    Maa: Ewe.
    Babe: Pig! What. Are. You?
    Maa: I'm! A! Ewe! A ewe!
  • Any time the mice break out into song; not Alvin and the Chipmunks, to be sure, but it's pretty cute.
  • Babe's attempt to get mean with the sheep.
    Babe: Move along there,, uh...big buttheads!
    • And the sheep bust a gut in response! Seriously, their laughter is some of the most infectious in cinematic history.
  • The rooster is quite rude to anybody who interrupts his day. His usual response to anyone who does?
    Rooster: Get lost!
  • When Esme calls Arthur after Fly stops him from shooting Babe and tells him the neighbors lost a lot of their flock (unknowingly clearing Babe's name).
    Esme: Hooey! Arthur! Oh, there you are! That was the police on the phone. Said there are wild dogs about. Apparently, the Mitchells lost six lambs this morning and they— What on Earth are you doing with that gun?
    Arthur: Oh, I, uh... nothing. (embarrassed chuckle)
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  • The entirety of the scene where Babe and Ferdinand try to sneak into the bedroom to steal the alarm clock. All does not go well when Babe accidentally walks through the table, causing the yarn to land on Duchess. When Ferdinand is about to sneeze, Babe drops the alarm clock, causing Duchess to wake up and go wild, chasing Babe & Ferdinand. In the aftermath, Duchess is covered in yellow paint.


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