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  • Accent Adaptation: Redubbed in Austria with regional accents for all the animals.
  • AFI's 100 Years... 100 Cheers: #80
  • Breakthrough Hit: The film boosted composer Nigel Westlake's popularity outside of his native Australia.
  • Dueling Movies: Against Gordy, a slightly earlier film also about a young talking pig. It won so handily that most people now think Gordy is the knockoff, though the two don't have as many similarities as one would expect.
  • Fake American: Miriam Margolyes as Fly, Hugo Weaving as Rex and many Australian extras doing (or redubbed with) American accents.
    • Although a setting is never clearly established, very hot days around Christmas time do not happen in the United States. One could argue that the movie is set in Australia, making James Cromwell a Fake Australian.
  • Hostility on the Set: James Cromwell recalls that he detected tension between director Chris Noonan and producer George Miller during production, with Miller frequently exerting creative control over Noonan's direction and Noonan feeling like he was being pushed aside. This has led to some allegations that Miller "ghost directed" the film, which Miller denies.
  • Playing Against Type: A lighthearted family film, written and produced by the director of the notoriously bloody Mad Max series.
  • Sleeper Hit: This was not expected to be a successful film at the box office but had a strong life in theaters and video thanks to critical acclaim, excellent word-of-mouth and its multiple Oscar nominations.
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  • Star-Making Role: Although a working actor since the 1970snote , it was Babe that really helped put James Cromwell on the map and establish him into a constant and recognizable presence in major films ever since, though never actually the "star" or lead.
  • Troubled Production: There's a bit of controversy over who actually directed the film. Though Chris Noonan is credited as sole director and was subsequently nominated for an Oscar, many (including lead actor James Cromwell) allege that writer-producer George Miller actually "ghost-directed" the film, some saying that he should've been credited as a co-director with Noonan. Supporting this theory is the fact that Miller subsequently directed the sequel without Noonan's involvement, and Noonan largely left theatrical filmmaking afterwards. Cromwell has claimed in interviews that there was consistently tension on-set between Noonan and Miller, Noonan later commented "I don't want to make a lifelong enemy of George Miller but I thought that he tried to take credit for Babe, tried to exclude me from any credit, and it made me very insecure. It was like your guru has told you that you are no good and that is really disconcerting." Miller responded by saying "Chris said something that is defamatory: that I took his name off the credits on internet sites, which is just absolutely untrue. You know, I'm sorry but I really have a lot more to do with my life than worry about that... when it comes to Babe, the vision was handed to Chris on a plate."
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  • Unintentional Period Piece: Strongly averted given the film's setting, though some might find the fascination with the Hoggetts' new fax machine, which was still a common appliance at the time of the film's release to be funny today.


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