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  • Right in the very beginning, when Fly adopts Babe. She goes from claiming pigs are stupider than dogs to comforting him the moment she sees how heartbroken he is about losing his mother. Babe more than returns the favor after her pups are weaned and sold, coming over to a very depressed Fly:
    "May I call you 'mom'?"
    • Fly licking his snout straight after makes the moment all the more sweeter.
  • When Hoggett is caring for Babe after the latter got sick while singing and dancing "If I Had Words", and the end of the movie.
    "That'll do, pig. That'll do."
    • Thanks to this, any time the song plays as a Leitmotif becomes this, especially on repeat viewings. The words also bear quoting: "If I had words to make a day for you/I'd sing you a morning, golden and new/I would make this day last for all time/Then fill the night deep in moonshine..."
  • Also, Rex finally accepting Babe's role in the farm and encouraging him to get better after he started drowning in despair.
    "Come on, son. Pull yourself together. The boss ... needs you."
    • Before that when Babe runs away and Fly comes to tell Rex, what does he tell her? "Call the boss."
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  • Mr. and Mrs. Hoggett are polar opposites, but they are very sweet together, especially the scene where Mrs. Hoggett departs on a Bingo Tournament, with Mr. Hoggett holding an umbrella for her all the way to the coach.
  • Babe winning the sheepdog trials. Everyone who ever doubted him is nothing but happy that he proved them wrong.
    • Rex and Fly even start licking each other's faces. They've finally fixed their relationship.
    • Especially Mrs. Hoggett, who is in utter tears of joy.

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