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  • Mars has a lot of these related to her status as The Nicknamer and a Bunny-Ears Lawyer with some...Interesting...Quirks. This overlaps with her status as an Action Girl a lot.
    Holion: ...Flirting.
    Stronin: No!
    Holion: (Smirks) Denial, just like your father.
    Stronin: Oh, who cares.
    Mars: Flirting?! I'll show you flirting with Mrs. Fistyhand! (Proceeds to curbstomp Stronin)
  • Stronin has a habit of getting beaten up by Mars in humorous ways, as shown above.


  • Cipher's Ryoga-Level lack of directional sense is a frequent source of these.
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  • The Miracle Cactus discussion between Dreenan and the Daedra very early on in the RPG was an extremely humorous event. Of course, the curb stomp and subsequent enslavement of the former when she refused to leave the group alone immediately afterwards provided a very quick mood whiplash.


  • The Captain's Funny Moments...Where do we even begin?
  • One moment was when warring fangirl hordes of Hau and Jolek swarmed the inn in Ga-Wahi they were staying at, causing the aforementioned toa to jump into the water in their attempts to avoid the fangirls. Some (e.g. Rannin) attempted to attack the horde, and were thrown into a wall. Bruntoa, who decided to follow Rannin, was engulfed in the fangirls, and Havon was as well. What made it even funnier was the fact that Rannin decided to throw his arm into the horde.

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